On the ‘left’: shortsighted or longsighted?

Slick Willy

Slick Willy

Long sighted and short sighted seems to be the view from the far left. Every time a member of this elite cast gains political office – we will not speak for anyone but us – but the idea of they being unhappy, distraught, or wanting some kind of immediate costly change is enough to frighten the daylights out of us!

All kidding aside – no joking about it – Let’s stroll a bit and look at some of the past ‘left-winged’ leadership. Are you okay with that?

I don’t want to go too far back inasmuch as most people don’t retain, or don’t want to retain the history of the past. So then…let’s have a look at President William ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton. Here is a person that didn’t inhale, dodged the draft, as a Rhodes Scholar in England literally protested and bad-mouthed America beyond recognition.

Just stop for a minute and reflect on what is known: a person with fidelity issues, ethics, or being truthful gets elected to not only to a governor for the state of Arkansas, but amidst more affairs and lies pipes his way into the White House. Actually my reference to “Slick Willy” is true: a book entitled, Slick Willy: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton by Floyd Brown. The interesting part behind this book is that it was released before Clinton was elected president.

With all of the blame the democrats (especially Mr. Obama) are putting on George W. Bush, it seemingly suggests that they forgotten all of the past. But we haven’t! And neither are these folks who were kind enough to write about Floyd Brown’s book:

 “… Extensive research into who Bill Clinton really is, and the results are stunning. Mr. Brown reveals to a nation caught up in impeachment that we knew all along, ever since he entered the 1992 election, that Slick Willie is dangerous for America. Floyd has fully documented, emotionally written accounts of Draft dodging, drug dealing, Jenifer Flowers, and more. And this is where all the scandal began. Brown tells of his life-threatening experiences he went through to research and publish the book, and goes through in-depth analysis on how Clinton is a criminal, a liar, and how he had been that way long before 1992.”


“… Clinton Administration has manipulated the Federal government with one of the world’s largest market research firms, Information Resources Management, as part of the Federal government. They have public corporations with false information about the officers listed with the SEC, High level Federal employees using false alias names to protect them from the crimes that they are committing in the Federal Government. The Clinton Administration and the Federal government completely control the court systems in America.”


“… If you have read this book then there are no surprises when crisis after crisis rocks the Clinton presidency. The authors go back to the very beginning of Clinton’s political life to map out a pattern of public un-service which has led to bimbo eruptions, campaign money-laundering, and “deals” with foreign governments on behalf of one man: Bill Clinton.” (Please also see: What was Sandy Berger looking for AND How many of you actually knew? We’ll bet you didn’t know located here at American Age.)


So after reading about Sandy Berger being caught at the National Archives with “eyes only” documents and Clinton’s chaos with Loral Technologies and it’s leadership we have two questions for the finger pointers: (1) Why is Senator Hillary Clinton the head of the State Department? And (2) doesn’t all of this seem like a ‘do-over’ to you? Seriously one’s got to believe that Mr. Obama was ushered into the White House out of naivety.

Oh no, no….we haven’t forgotten or left out Jimmy Carter…


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