Slow down…what’s the hurry?

Ahh...they'll believe anything

Ahh...they'll believe anything

Beware! STOP! Listen and beware! Please allow us to draw attention to those wonderful ‘wigs’ on the Hill, Capitol Hill that is, who seem to want to get their Bills and amendments through faster than what amounts to humanly possible.

And just as sure as anything the first political news I heard this week — bright, early on Monday morning — was some lady (a democrat practically screaming!) who was espousing that come hell or high water Obama’s healthcare plan needed approval NOW! Call your representative; senator, get on the phone to God and get this healthcare plan approved!

Just a short case in point for us all to remember: Not long ago – after the election – ‘We the people,’ were told in order for us not to lose everything we owned, we needed to stimulate the economy, okay but not…yesterday! Did you notice how often we heard ‘this must be done now!’

We don’t want to be the bearers of shocking news by any means…but more than 80% of Americans surveyed lately still have no clue where their stimulus money went. I’ll admit it…I’m one of them.

One can opt to think of it this way – first we got hammered in the markets by everyone from Merrill Lynch to J.P. Morgan, with Bank of America to Mr. Madoff and lest we never forget those ‘hedge funds.’ Then as those ‘wigs’ on the Hill were saying, “Hurry up, hurry, hurry, hurry up we need to stimulate the economy – puff! There goes another ton of our money yet no one seems to know where it is.

So here comes the morals – slow down the the “Celebrity Wannabe” in the White House; slow down all the democrat cronies who actually believe they’re doing something constructive – just to do it. In a recent Fox News Poll roughly 80% or more Americans did not approve of having “managed healthcare” without a plan and process of implementing it. Sounds like Gitmo, eh?

Any questions? Then ask House Speaker, Nan Pelosi D-CA, why she won’t approve any investigation of her with her big mouth and the C.I.A. What’s worse than that….while you’re asking Nan Pelosi what’s up with that, ask her please to explain why republicans aren’t even being heard on the floor. Thank you, just an American.


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