We’ll miss you Michael

Michael, the King

Michael, the King

As at the time of this writing, there probably is not a person on the planet that is unaware of Michael Jackson’s untimely death. To be sure there are those who will not rest until every bit of dirt, drugs, and rumors are exposed with which so many people love – gossip – enough for several periodicals to maintain a thriving business and employ virtually thousands of people.

Yet, as for us here at American Age, we would rather dwell on the impact of first The Jackson Five, and then the earth shattering Michael Jackson of Billy Jean and Thriller fame. Yes, that Michael who garnered more than 13 Grammy awards, the one in the same person who sold over 57 million records of one title – Thriller.

How many can tell the story of the rivalry between The Jackson Five and a little known group also of brothers who went by the name The Osmond Brothers? These were the true start of the ‘boy-bands’ at a critical time in music listening history.

How on earth are two ten-year-old boys supposed to know about what they were singing about? They didn’t; however, Michael put every fiber of his being into his music and he was a driven man.

Think it over – history that is – where a genre of music had been very roughly concocted in earlier times of Elvis Presley, The Letterman, Dick Dale and the Dell Tones, Chuck Berry, James Brown and then…the British Invasion!!

Out of nowhere there were The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Eric Burton with the Animals, The Kinks, Jerry and the Pacemakers, who evolved into Cream, Yes, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, and the Eagles.

However, at a time when music and the world needed it most – R&B, Soul, Beal Street, and the enigma of Motown that’s when The Jackson Five filled a void that Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, or even the best-of-the-best, The Temptations, Commodores, and The Isley Brothers couldn’t.

During some tumultuous times for an age, a race, and a nation, Michael Jackson was just warming up! At his first solo release Michael Jackson wooed women and men alike with his words filled with love and soul. Our staff here at American Age chooses to look at the entertainer, musician, moon walking, white-glove-wearing with sequined spats on his shoes, Michael.

Michael Jackson was bigger than big – he was HUGE – at a time when he wasn’t. He “dated” Brooke Shields of Calvin fame, married the dethroned King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and he recorded with Paul McCartney. Rest now Michael. You made and changed history; you helped many of us see that, We are the World.  Oh yeah….just one last thing: can anyone think of a more peaceful way to die? 

Steve Jones at USA Today has written a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson; read it here.



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