Immigration reform is at hand…(again)

Justice, Truth, Fair?

Justice, Truth, Fair?

Well inasmuch as one of the primary goals here is Immigration Reform, and as such we try and keep the public informed on what assures to be a huge fight over the attempt to achieve a Comprehensive Reform Bill.

We have been watching most organizations that would benefit from immigration reform in this country. Just a monitoring if you will about American Recovery and Reinvestment Act also known as TARP or the big-bail job. Recently we have come across an organization called Democracia Ahora which is a subsidiary of Democracia

Here is a statement from CEO and President of Democracia Ahora, Jorge Mursuli, issued recently. Please be advised that we have place some sentences in brackets for clarity and for points of contention.

[“This is a faulty measure that will only lead to the increased racial profiling of the hundreds of thousands of hard-working Latinos living in Arizona.] This is a major mistake. [It doesn’t solve our immigration problem; it simply creates more problems.] The answer to fixing our broken immigration system isn’t targeting individuals; the answer is humane, comprehensive reform. I thank the members of the House and Senate that rejected this [hateful and impractical legislation,] and urge all Arizonans to press for comprehensive reform. As citizens, although we do not have the power to cast a vote in this matter, [we will remember who stood up for reform and who stood against it when we head to the voting booth in 2010. ” ]

As we attempt to address this short paragraph we ask that if you’d like, go ahead and reread it for atheistic purposes. Seriously, what does the writer or organization believe about “racial profiling.”? This is a primary example of the politically correct language that subjugates the truth. If you admit that there is a ‘generation’s worth of illegals’ living in the USA, then just say it.

In this statement there is an odd use of the word “our.” This is very confusing insofar as is “our” represent only citizens of the USA? Or does it mean all inclusive Hispanics and Latinos albeit legal or not legally here? We are also wondering what is so ‘hateful” about this legislation.

In your last statement, “…we will remember who stood against when we head to the voting booth in 2010” is this some kind of weak attempt at a veiled threat?

Ladies and gentlemen this is ‘politics as usual’ in the United States. I’m sure that many folks voted for President Obama on his notions of change, progress, and transparency. When rubber hits the road we are slowing finding out that the president is and has been linked to ACORN, and many of his ‘appointees’ are being implicated in banking scandals, failure to pay income taxes, and doing some improprieties that simply isn’t fooling anyone.


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