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    After considerable information gathering and some ripping research we at American Age have decided to bring our knowledge, experience, and insight to the slipping of America's never-ending saga of lowering the bar of acceptable standards of conduct and decency. We believe that it's time for that proverbial 'line' to be drawn in the sand primarily with, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Sexual Orientation, (or whatever that is?) and Education.
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Immigration reform from a different perspective

Pictures of Ceasar Chavez, Mexican, Argentinian flags?

Pictures of Ceasar Chavez, Mexican, Argentinian flags?

Continuing to monitor the pulse of the people regarding legal immigration into this nation and through various special interest groups we’ve been lead to several websites who are advocacy groups for those who seek to gain either amnesty, or a different path to citizenship than just about any other group of folks we can think of during at least four waves of immigration to the USA covering approximately 300 years.

It is interesting to go through the offering memoranda of these groups such as mission statements, goals, and objectives that are written by those who are seeking reform. Below is a written statement from one such group, Democracia USA which is Spanish for ‘Democracy in the USA.’ This is the parent company of Democracia-Ahora! which translated means, ‘Democracy Now!’ (This statement is from Democracia-Ahora! website.)

Our Issues:
[We support: Comprehensive immigration reform that respects and reflects our values and history as a nation of immigrants.] The key components to any effective, realistic, long-lasting immigration reform bill must include a path to earned legalization, a temporary worker program, and a family reunification program.] Any legislation missing these core components will lead to another generation of disastrous immigration failures.

Let’s start from the very first line shall we? “We support Comprehensive Immigration reform that respects and reflects our values.” In our humble opinion we believe that there are better ways to communicate this sentiment. This is one of the primary issues that upset so many American citizens. Every different emigrant group in this country gets their recognition – almost affectionately – and has earned the respect of everyone.

Secondly we are informed that the key components to any effective, long-lasting reform must include: earned legalization, a temporary worker program, and a family reunification program.

We’d like to add the difference of what is being stated and with all due respects, what the American citizen wants. Of the first part we would not have to even address “earned legalization” insofar as if the paths taken to achieve residence in the United States were done legally this indeed would be an unarguable point. Therefore, you are not asking for anything ‘earned’ but rather you receive commuted, pardons, and probationary aspects to your criminality, right?

Furthermore, we love the notion of a ‘temporary worker program’ as long as it is adhered too. Remember one cannot come in as a guest and then slip into the shadows; therefore, we suggest that in your stated wants you may want to add a probationary period to the temporary worker program as well as accountability.

We are totally in favor of family reunification programs. However, why on earth should we? If the family was broken up so one could come to the U.S. and work illegally (breaking the law) why then should this be something on the agenda? Further, we would love to ask that you be far more specific in your requests.

Here is just a small hypothetical. Suppose an individual, who lives in Scotland, either came to America illegally – or –overstayed their Visa’s permission and hence became illegal. Now then our Scottish mate goes to the local pub after the day’s end and gets plastered – and without a thought – starts driving home and Kaboom! Gets into an auto accident killing four teenagers on their way to the prom?

Unfortunately for the mothers and fathers of the teens but ol’ Mr. Macintosh didn’t have auto insurance, or even a license to drive. Are we supposed to pay for his family’s reunification? For what their visitation for him in prison?

Just one more thing on family reunification – what if this family was same-sexed homosexuals – trying to get their loved ones across the border?

And what is up with the threats? There can be no doubt about this whatsoever – ” will lead to another generation of disastrous immigration failures” – this kind of language is threatening, lacks anything that you would contribute, moreover, it’s a ‘if you don’t comply’ statement.


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