Clarification on Dicey Issues

Kids are off limits!

Kids are off limits!

In our previous article regarding the LGBT movement that has been going on in this country, and beginning to gain steam albeit, from good or bad activities; nonetheless, we would like to clarify some very sensitive issues that will hopefully assist the LGBT’s get what they deserve and a look at what possibly could happen as a result.

We at American Age feel empathy for the folks drawn up in this movement. All one needs to do is look back to their very, very first love relationship and reflect upon the adults admonishing, ‘…oh that’s puppy love…or you’re too young to even know…’ or the worse thing that could happen in those days was no more phone privileges, loss of driving the ‘family car’, to being told outright, “you are not allowed to see him/her ever again!” It hurts and it sucks!

Then again one could be faced with a life-time of being grounded or live through the realities of being grounded for life or basically live through the horrors of Fear (Reese Witherspoon, Mark Walberg) or Down in the Valley (Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood.)

We feel for you folks. We know the pain, and it would be condescending of you to either not understand that, or somehow strike out at it. However, all things being equal, we would ask that you look through the lens of the status quo. Even if it is only once…

This is delicate and dicey, however, please try and understand that seeing two men kissing, making-out or swapping spit does not appear normal to heterosexuals, possibly any more than seeing two women getting down, although, this does seem to be more socially acceptable – and we can’t explain why – albeit it does seem to run along the lines of age.

Where's your daughter?

Where's your daughter?

We mentioned normative standards for the United States of America. As most can appreciate during the Colonial Era when this nation was being wrought together it is important to note that the people, who were the forgers so to speak, had dangerously fled their homelands for what they believed in, and that their beliefs were being crushed. The centrality of their being belonged to God, and it was for his servitude that these various groups applied for, received royal charters, and sojourned into the darkness not knowing when they would find land or if they would at all.

Well by hook or crook or divine intervention these brave folks did find land and as such started immediately making rules, contracts, laws, and the structure of what would become the ‘normative standards’ which this nation was clearly defined on. Many of the agreements entered into happened before they ever landed…mostly referred to as ‘compacts.’

Be that as it may – homosexuality was unnatural to them as it is for millions or billions of folks today. In as much as fortunately or unfortunately these early founders of the new nation had their beliefs based on norms that have been in place for thousands of years. Moreover, these were the original people who established the laws in this nation between what is acceptable and what isn’t. Not being able to understand these facts is simply denial; therefore, we ask that you look at who and what the meaning of this ‘movement’ is about.

There is a similarity between what homosexuals are doing regarding their financial needs, immigrant statuses’, reunifications, marriage and what the earliest settlers had to do. This correlation has to do with moral fiber, suffering, and to what lengths the movement will go to acquire its utility satisfaction.

The early settlers to America had religious beliefs that were being stomped on, changed, added to, taken from, and those involved in believing were persecuted in courts, burned at the stake, hung, ostrasized, and branded.  So what did they do…they applied for their charters (legally) and once granted they set out to establish a new homeland where they could revere God through worship, sacrifice, and upholding his commandments. These religious people were risking everything – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, livestock, and their own very lives for what they believed in and they didn’t ask for anything in return.

Maybe times and people have changed; although, we don’t think to that big of a degree. They forged a nation based on their beliefs and on the principles they believed in. And as much as it hurts, homosexuality, was very unnatural to them and laws were made whereby its practice was prohibited and illegal.

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