LGBT v. Child Predators v. Sex Offenders

Road to where?

Road to where?

Please don’t be alarmed by the title. We only used a medical dictionary to clearly establish the meanings of those words in this articles title. Yet, we are going to ask a question at the end so be ready!

We’ve wanted to write this article for a long time. We’ve hinted at it in other articles; we’ve tried to illustrate how various businesses – that could have used TARP money or even stimulus funds – yet did not receive a red penny. Be that as it may we’ve come to the conclusion that straight in your face type of writing is basically the only way our comparisons will ever be viewed and hopefully read.

Therefore we’ll start with this hypothetical: The legal age of consent, voting, and adulthood is now 12-years of age for both sexes. We think that the democrats would love this one inasmuch as they could go on about creating more “social welfare” programs for those needy kids who’ve become adults; moreover, think of the voter bases to be drawn from.

Right about now anyone reading this article is probably thinking…”Ewww!” How sickening! Imagine going to your local pub and the person serving cocktails is 12-years old – then out with your mates for a Bachelor party and when you hit the clubs there are literally anywhere from 10 to 14 year old dancers up on stage with bills stuffed and hanging out of their garters or g-strings. Well we do know that statistically some behaviors are causal to other types of behavior such as crime.

This hypothetical is not so far off the mark as one might think. When one takes into consideration the prophet Mohammed and one of his wives – which given the time in history – was completely normal as well as who God picked to be the mother of the Messiah, then suffice it to say that rites of passage were much, much younger in now what constitutes the two largest belief systems and ideologies in the world.


Based on this hypothetical alone, here’s what much of it would look like: Would there be such a crime of ‘contributing to minors simply because they could purchase their own alcohol? Furthermore, we believe that sex offenders of the last two or three decades naturally would gain ‘protected group’ status because they’re certain to face discrimination in the workplace.

Therefore, now we have become a society of pre-teen and teenage prostitutes who are definitely going to need their ‘rewards’ so they go see their pre and teenaged drug dealers for that almighty high. This analogy could go on and on and we vow that we will make it a point of illuminating the sociological, psychological, and cultural aspects of a society that these and worse things happens. But first…

It is so easy to type the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT), community that it is frightening. It wasn’t too long ago in our country that the activities of this ‘community’ were so far from the cultural norms that their life styles and practices just weren’t accepted. The individual people were accepted make no mistake about that. It was the ‘unnatural acts’ that they participated in that wasn’t accepted.

It wasn’t that long ago that sodomy was a crime in all states; although it still is in some states (though not prosecuted) nonetheless, our government is so spineless that it literally caves into any group or community for the sake of tolerance. To that we say…bull squat!

HIV/AIDS is a virus that is not to be made fun of or otherwise. In our recent past women fought like hell for birth control and the government caved in again. Well today folks it has become partial birth abortions, its ‘gay to be gay’ and they’ll find the cure to AIDS before I die or so the mindset is these days.

All together folks this is what is being created: Homosexuals do not reproduce unless they straykissing_big_made-little or are unfaithful or using government subsistence; therefore, what is the means of reproduction? What is the means to stabilize human population? Homosexuals are the largest carriers and the largest culprit of AIDS on the planet; and although this is a known fact, people are still engaging in the sexual activities of transmission as well as intravenous drug usage.

So our question is this: What is the real difference between allowing for homosexuality and being tolerant of preteen or adolescent quasi-adults? Inasmuch as it is a matter of trouncing a culture’s normative standards, one would be hard pressed to find a legitimate answer.

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