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Blogosphere, unbiased and real

Blogosphere, unbiased and real

Just got done watching one of the more level-headed people in the news-commentary business where one of the big issues was that as much positive press as this Health Care plan is getting, why the America people so vehemently against it.

Realistically now – If ABC, NBC, CBS, New York and Los Angeles Times as well as MSMBC and CNN are constantly putting a positive spin on President Obama’s ridiculous Health Care plan how could it be that a little more than 70 percent (70%) of Americans are flatly against it?

Another great bit of statistical data has been finally revealed – 90 percent of Americans are already insured; of that 90% eighty percent (80%) are quite happy with the Health Care they already have; therefore, these pundits were wondering how and why the American people could be so entrenched about this initiative albeit all they are hearing is positive and great things about it.

We are without reserve when state that Americans may not be the smartest bulbs in the light socket; yet, one has to admit that they are well-informed. So how could this be? Experts say that Americans watch television approximately 4 hour-per-day; furthermore, experts also state that the level of programming is something to be desired. One is left quizzically at odds with the reason of how can one hear greatness, yet oppose it so steadfastly?

We are the first to admit that we were indeed a little bummed out that these talking heads didn’t get it – or if they did, they sure didn’t mention anything about it. We believe that Americans are in fact aware of some realities, namely:

  • The blogosphere baby! Every person in radio, print, television, and Internet news reporting has made comments about how ‘everyone and their dog’ has a blog.’ We believe that’s a good thing.
  • People are now writing more; reading more, and looking for data that supports the rubbish they’re hearing from Capitol Hill.
  • We believe that the American public is putting their technologies to work and in a good, informative way.

Our only disappointment was that these level-headed pundits did not mention the blogosphere! We are of the opinion that an educated or informed society is far more productive and creative than those societies who are not. How has the Internet Blogosphere enhanced or hindered your life?

As most of any one reading this article knows – the little sidebar box called the ‘Blogroll’ are instant links to various websites and blogs that are concerned just about by everything. Seriously now, give a click on Michelle Malkin or Stand Up for America these sites alone offer plain easy-to-read minutia about all the current issues.

More, much more, later…


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