Pondering Illegal Immigration, part 2

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens

When we discuss reform, let us not discuss ‘No borders,’ or ‘Amnesty for all’; or the latest notion of ‘A Path to Earned Citizenship’; of course these are counter productive measures that resemble a band aid. Sooner or later the America citizenry and those who are hear legally as residents or otherwise need to come to the realization that he United States is guilty of lying, cheating, and stealing from its own citizenry.

Today we again would like to present a different perspective from a different person who is caught up in this quagmire of government ineptitude and endless bureaucracy. Again, as in previous submissions we willingly hold back names, simply for the sake of privacy. However, we would like to give a huge hat-tip to our colleagues, united over at the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration. (This article has been edited for little errors only.)

        I have mixed feelings about illegal immigration …I am myself considered “illegal” (which I think only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes and dehumanize people), So i’d like to call myself an undocumented student. Anyways my parents brought me here in the summer of 96′ i was 5 years old. I guess we’re not the typical “Illegal” or “immigrant” family a lot of americans stereotype.
        My father has a bachelors degree in business administration and a masters in college education, my mother has a bachelors in education. We were happy in our country (Mexico) if it weren’t for the economical crisis, corrupt politics, and the life threatening situations we would of stayed.
        But life takes so many turns, you don’t know if the next one is gonna be a good one for ya. My father applied for an american visa he did everything to come here legally but for unknown reasons was denied. Perhaps it was because of his unemployed status at the time, who knows.
        He had to quit his job due to illegal movements and corruption the company he worked for got involved in. It’s really sad that Mexico’s government can’t take care of their own. My father tried getting other jobs but it’s difficult to get a job with a good position, you have to buy your way there. And the fellows he worked with didn’t help much.
        He had no references. Any who after a year or so of searching he tried getting a visa once more, and once again was denied. Really it surprises me how they could give visas to people that didn’t have a career or a recognized position. It came down to one thing he either came illegally or stayed to his (our) demise really sounds dramatic but its reality.
        He crossed illegaly, short after my mother and i crossed (legally) with a visa, but we overstayed and now we are stuck in the u.s as illegal immigrants, why can’t the government do something about people with careers and education. We’re not looking for citizenship we just want a legal work permit. America is in need of teachers and much more in the education field.
        America is in need of nurses and others in the medical field. Those are just a few to mention. Americans say we are taking over their jobs etc. Really? then how come there is a shortage of people in many fields? I don’t see americans in those jobs? and is not because they don’t want to, is just that they don’t have enough people with a degrees for it.       (Editor here, this paragraph is a bit defiant.)

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The editor points out that the last two paragraphs tend to be a little on the defiant side. Although we do not condone this behavior we would like to establish that people do get frustrated.

We are interested in your responses, attitudes, and critical thinking about America’s handling of immigrants and especially illegal aliens. Thank you.


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