Pondering the cost of Illegal Immigration, part 3


Attitude adjustment??

Time once again to ponder illegal immigration; however, in this segment we’d like to pay special attention to what the ineptitude of a broken down, dilapidated, and inefficient system that exists in the United States Immigration and Customs Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Are you worried about the U.S. economy? All things considered, between TARP, bailout programs, and the nationalization of various industries, the cost to the American tax-payers is a mere trillion dollars. So let’s consider all things: Do you stop to think about what would happen when more than 20 million illegals are given amnesty – read that, “free citizenship” – and find them covered by free medical care, for themselves and their families?

We need to ponder some significant issues regarding illegal immigration. There may be alterations and or modifications in basic immigration procedures; kind of like ‘lip service’; however, the real objective and concentration is on granting legal status to people here illegally and who avail themselves of our generous welfare, social services, educational, medical, housing and food programs.

Just think about this staggering reality: The financial burden to states for such “free” services to illegals is enormous. In California, it’s estimated to be $13.1 billion annually. Now consider that California in lieu of handing out I.O.U.’s for paychecks or tax returns whilst verging on bankruptcy with a $26.3 billion deficit, that cost of illegals is even more staggering. And that is just one state out of 50.

Did you know that Washington D.C., changed the guidelines, requiring any criminal charges against the illegals be resolved before deportation? Now, there are three levels of crimes, the most serious being drug or violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping and robbery. One could easily consider that residing in a country illegally with total disregard for that Nation’s laws is not serious enough of a crime to warrant ’serious’ repercussions.

        Do you think there is reason to be concerned? Let’s address just this issue of ’seriousness.’ In one week in mid-July in Tucson, three illegals were arrested. All had sex-crime convictions from as far away as Illinois and New York. One had been charged twice since November for sex with a minor. All had been deported, but they returned again and again.
        According to “The Babe in the Bunker,” Barbara Simpson, who has been writing a magnificent series at World Net Daily, DHS reports there are 2 million unapprehended criminal illegals in this country – who apply for and receive welfare benefits.
        Data also reveals that ninety-five percent of murder warrants in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens. It’s 83 percent in Phoenix and 86 percent in Albuquerque.
        A full 48.2 percent of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally. It’s 40.1 percent in Arizona and 24.9 percent in Los Angeles.
        Seventy-five percent of the “most wanted” in those cities are illegals. Half, or 50 percent, of Los Angeles gang members are illegals; and illegals were involved in 53 percent of investigated burglaries in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

This is just some brief ponderings regarding illegal immigration. Much of the statistical data used in this article must be credited to Barbara Simpson; furthermore, do yourself the favor of a


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