‘Protected’ status for Haitian illegals…

bad boysThis is for all of those wonderful people who have asked that we carry more stories about how special interest groups are chipping away at the foundation of America with ludicrous requests and their constant gouging at the Treasury department.

We happened upon this article by the Editor of the Miami Herald that ostensibly has some dealings with the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, and as such wrote this editorial:

           blue-quotes As recently as a month ago, when Haitian Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis visited Miami, and the editorial board of the Miami Herald, Haiti still had not received a penny of the $300 million in hurricane aid promised to the storm-ravaged island by the international community at a donor’s conference in April.

Haiti has barely begun to recover from the trauma of last year’s punishing storms, but its needs are vast and its resources are scant. Without international help it cannot reasonably hope to be ready for this year’s Caribbean storms, which strike with regularity at this time of year on Hispaniola and other islands in Hurricane Alley.

Ms. Pierre-Louis rightly expressed frustration with the international community’s failure to deliver on its promises. This is not just about building up the nation’s infrastructure, but about enabling Haiti to make reasonable plans for a viable economic future.

Meanwhile, five U.S. members of Congress from South Florida made a worthwhile trip to Haiti on Monday to underscore the need for the United States to grant temporary protected status to Haitians already in this country.”

Okay enough already! When are the main-stream media, special interest groups, and those in Washington D.C. going to learn that coming to the American public with stories of absolute horror on the one hand whilst the other hand is somehow grabbing your wallet?

We don’t want to sound insensitive; however, a couple of issues come immediately to mind: What the Miami Heraldis asking is simply, “When will Haiti receive their bailout monies? And couldn’t we just give protected status to those who have broken the laws of the United States? Rubbish! We feel for the Haitians; however, just what has happened down there in Miami? Has the entire community been so inundated with illegals that it is in fact those ‘advocacy’ groups that are running the city?

Protected status is not something that one just bestows on others. We would like to add this message:   Dear Miami Herald Editorial Staff:

How much did you, your city, county, and state give to assist those in the Sportsman’s Paradise of Louisiana when Katrina hit? While we’re at it, portions of Biloxi, Mississippi have been removed from the map – gone – and there is still thousands of trailers yet homeless folks who suffered at the peril of Katrina and Hurricane Rita. So we’d like to ask you this: What have you or Haiti done for Louisiana lately?

We have real problems in this country – certainly not limited to illegal aliens; although, they do present a burden on America. Before anyone goes off half-cocked wanting ‘Protected Status’ for illegals why don’t we look to some of the more pressing issues in our own Nation?

Please read this link: The Illegal versus the Hospital


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