Celebs v Stars v Fame #quatre

banner_posterCall it whatever you will, but America has a real problem with ‘celebrity-hood.’ Seriously when one goes grocery shopping normally the first item they see is something about a wannabe celebrity on any one of the likes of The National Enquirer, Star Magazine, and the lot of them. Well then after traversing the grocery store and being inundated with endorsement after endorsement for just about all products (especially the hygiene aisle) then we proceed to the check-out where one gets hit with everything from People Magazine, UsWeekly, Soap Digest, just to name a few.
Just this evening before going to print we happened upon this website, ironically on Shine by Yahoo! Actually it was spotted on Yahoo!’s homepage and we just followed the link until we reached our target. Please anyone or everyone, if you have a question about how some celebrities who are black then suddenly turn white, or how a pregnancy is handled by the main-stream media this is a must read! So click here.
We believe it has something to do with say…vanity? Oh no! If you don’t believe us, read it from a true bonafide star, who is also famous, also a mother and wife and auntie who tells it like it is:
On the frenzy surrounding young celebrities:
“I think it’s just grotesque. It’s like a circus sideshow. I don’t know why anybody would even want to go into show business these days, with all of the different magazines and shows. It just wouldn’t be worth it. And it’s too fast. Before, you could build a career over years and many movies. Now it’s like you do one good movie and they throw a ton of money at you and a ton of attention at you. You’re being constructed outside of yourself before you even know who you are, and what you are, and how you want to do it, and why you want to do it.” (Once again, this is what we refer to as a manufactured celebrity.)
On if her kids wanted to get into acting:
“I would call Natalie Portman’s mother. Natalie is such a good actress, but she seems like such a sensible person. I asked her about it one day when we were doing ‘Closer,’ and she said she only worked with people that her parents trusted, and she only worked when it didn’t impact her school. No one does it that way, but they did it, so it can be done. I hope I don’t face that, though, because I think kids should be kids and childhood should be filled with…you know that smell, when your kids come in and they smell like dirt and sweat and sunshine? That’s what I hope for my kids.” (Further reading click here.)
I know you’re probably thinking something like, ‘oh yeah she says that after the Oscar and the $ 20 million per movie’; however, we do have it with the best of all sources that Ms. Julia Roberts is unequivocally telling the truth.
In fact she addresses the issue that concerns us most about wannabe celebrities: It’s what we refer to as the ‘what if’ syndrome, meaning of course, what if a person is successful for their body, one film, or one hit record, and then they’re never heard from again? Are they a celebrity?
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