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Working together

Working together

Have we entered into a time where — finally – the various law enforcement agencies have begun to work together? What a concept! Now what will Hollyweird writers have to write about? For too long its major mess-ups because the FBI didn’t want anyone in their jurisdiction, while the local police and sheriffs’ departments who’d worked the crimes wanted some credit and there’s nothing wrong with that. Please everyone who has ears listen! With the recent apprehension and foiled terrorist attacks in New York, Colorado, and Canada that we know about – where the CIA worked with the ATF who worked with ICE who worked with the FBI who worked with the NYPD and other agencies – nothing shy of marvelous. 
However we want to espouse that at a time when ALL the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are working together for the first time wouldn’t you know it, some 500 special interest groups are raising Cain for some violation of some illegal immigrants rights albeit they are here illegally. ciaseal
As such, we at American Age feel it is incumbent upon us to get the word out about all matters concerning immigration reform. Therefore, in our steadfast heart of hearts, we believe beyond question that there are hundreds; if not thousands of special interest/advocacy groups that have already set in motion their own ‘version’ of what immigration reform will look like. And folks as far as we’re concerned we don’t like the looks of it; moreover, we dislike and disrespect the notion that terms and conditions of illegal immigration will be dictated to us.
From the Los Angeles Times:
500 groups urge Obama to halt immigration police program
A letter to the president says local enforcement of federal immigration laws has led to racial profiling and civil rights violations.
A coalition of advocacy groups sent a letter to President Obama last week demanding that the administration end a program that allows local police to enforce federal immigration law.
The program, known as 287(g), deputizes police to turn over suspects or criminals to immigration authorities for possible deportation. Immigrant rights groups said the program has led to civil rights violations and racial profiling.
Police image“Racial profiling and other civil rights abuses by the local law enforcement agencies that have sought out 287(g) powers have compromised public safety, while doing nothing to solve the immigration crisis,” the letter states. “The program has worked counter to community policing goals by eroding the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities and diverted already reduced law enforcement resources from their core mission.”
Who, what, where, why, and how do these advocacy groups – who receive funding from the U.S. government – think they are insofar as demanding things? Moreover, in our humble opinion one of the greatest difficulties facing a uniform cross-agency program – involving local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies – is that there are restrictions that any one of these agencies can’t do in order to perform to the best of their abilities and with each other.
We say nonsense to this garbage! Furthermore, all of these special interest groups should be well-advised that there are consequences for their actions – if and only if we have the government that will enforce our Nation’s “Manner of Laws.” (Further reading click here.)




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  1. Of course most anyone on the right would agree. But what would Stephen Colbert have to say about it?? 😉

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