Wannabe celebrities…

Who honors themselves more?

We know that there are some that will read this and probably go on about – “oh what do these people know” or something along the lines of “so why do they care..?” Fact of the matter is that everyone – especially celebrities or even those quasi-celebs or just run of the mill regular folks like us here at American Age – like to be acknowledged once in a while. 
Wannabe celebrities, Hollywood hounds, or basically anyone in the entertainment business should quickly come to realize that you are a walking and talking advertisement. And we all know about advertising right? If done properly, it can be the best thing to happen to anyone; however, the flip side to that is of course the opposite effect: it can work against a person worse than any tabloid could imagine.
Oh yeah! Hell yes…there are those of us who have done all-nighter’s with David ‘Dave’ Letterman and a lot more that need not be mentioned here; and there are those who have literally held Kate Hudson at 3 months old! And then again when one only reflects on those meetings with Ronnie ‘Ron’ Howard, Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner, during the merging of mega-thoughts that ended up being Cocoon or My Girl and at their request we add.
But by a long shot it’s far better off having met a person before they were the Material Girl, as in Madonna’s case (an absolute love! And nice!) or those who have won OSCARS — Goldie Hahn, Mel Gibson, Rod Steiger, and yes…Jack #2 Lakers’ Fan Nicholson just to name a couple. But isn’t the entire name dropping game of bunch of bull squat?
Why even make an attempt to understand it? I know what that life is like! I know being hounded 24/7, I know the uncouth people who’d just as soon interrupt your dining pleasure to “…just thought I’d pop-by for an autograph…you don’t mind do you..?” What on earth is one supposed to do? Yeah, get the heck away from me!
Sad thing these days is that many, many celebs have that kind of attitude – and quite openly I find it ridiculous. Somewhere in their self-absorbed world they forget to recognize other folks and what might be good for them. I always think of ol’ Abraham Maslow and his ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ that makes so much sense. The sad issue here folks are that a person can be literally annihilated for saying something as rational as “I believe that marriage involves a man and women…” then get beat to death by Perez Hilton (that’s original!) some kind of quasi-judge in a beauty pageant.
Get a twitter account and you’ll quickly see the ‘have’s’ from the ‘have not’s’. Or try Facebook if you’d like, it doesn’t get much better. In fact, most celebs that use these ‘social media’ websites are really about promoting something they are involved with! So and so has a new single coming out… so and so just started university in America…then you’ve got ones who have been on a series…that seem to get pleasure out of ignoring someone else.
Here’s all we’d like to say: Why is it that so many of these “people” seem to think that animals, trees, travesties at the hands of warlords, and every other special “charity” cause is so damned important when there are what, something like 30 million people who pay to see their movies, films, television shows,  who need health care right in front of their very eyes. What sense does it make to give “Charity” to supermarket produce and not for those who live in their own neighborhoods? Rant over!


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