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Illegal aliens with drivers' licenses?

We are positive that one could go on for hours just examining how much those people who are in “high-brow” positions receive the sweetest – of sweetheart deals. Just for brevity’s sake we mention just a few: Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) and his non-disclosure of properties owned and huge amounts of unpaid taxes; with as much whining per every media outlet, how is it that Speaker Nan’ Pelosi (D-CA) is still flying around in her very own airline fleet courtesy of the United States Air Force ergo, us and you; Treasury secretary Geithner get his back taxes paid yet? Even the POTUS was the recipient of a sweetheart mortgage, amount other pleasantries. 
But this article is not about those unscrupulous people who like beggars continue to thrust their hands forward and say, “More, more, and more.” This article is about how having some cash money will most assuredly get certain things accomplished by even the worst of the worst.
How on earth anyone in their right mind could argue for illegal aliens to have drivers’ licenses is simply beyond us. Allow us to demonstrate what we’re talking about. This is from the National Council of La Raza:
“NCLR believes that a state-issued driver’s license should be reliable proof of an individual’s identity and proof of authorization to drive a motor vehicle; it should not be tied to an individual’s immigration status. There are legitimate and sound avenues for individuals to prove identity which would allow state Departments of Motor Vehicles to fulfill their mission of ensuring safe roads without creating new licensing requirements that would make the driver’s license a de facto proof of legal residency in the United States.
Therefore we ask, what’s up with that posture? First, La Raza states that there is no distinction between who is here legally or illegally; moreover, they advocate that everyone in the United States should be allowed to get a drivers license.
Most assuredly – most of us who grew up in this country have a general regard for what is referred to as ‘the Rule of Law.’ We also think the notion could be argued that one of the reasons why America has prospered is because of that very ideal – Rule of Law. It certainly has assisted most in civil rights; moreover, the dignity of life. Will continue next time…


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