Some people’s kids…

autumn imagesA couple of members of our small staff here at American Age would like to share with you an incident which they were involved in over the weekend. And when all was said and done the only possible matter they could come up with…well maybe you can tell us….
Without equivocation one of our writers lives in the splendor and majesty of all four seasons. This member was born and raised in Southern California where there are two seasons: rainy and fire season. In that part of the country it is “…mud slides in the winter and spring and wild fires and heat in the summer with virtually a non-existent autumn.”
Growing up in an area where there are no leaves falling from trees – literally floating loftily like ribbons out of the sky, and nestling themselves everywhere. It is the sight of autumn that could easily make a person find god! The magnificence of colors – reds, yellows, greens, oranges, burgundy, and crimson – leaves, multi-colored piles of leaves.
On to the story now…over the weekend one of our writers, Bob, was in the process of “leaf detail”; that process that takes several different blowers, mowers, rakes, and a lot of raw human muscle. Well as the story goes whilst working on 6 different sections of lawn on just over an acre of property that is surrounded by humungous trees – tremendously stunning trees – on about the fifth hour of pre-sectioning and pile making – the writer happen to notice in his peripheral vision 5 children and 2 adults following at least 25 yards behind the kids.
After the customary wave of ‘hello’ to the kids, Bob noticed that the children – the two oldest boys mainly – had taken the liberty to kick, dismantle, spread, and literally level the piles of leaves as though they’d never been prepped. On first thought our writer, call him Bob, thought the children were having a bit of fun and insofar as Bob had grown up in So. Cal where one can only dream or fantasize about playing in the leaves until he realized that these kids were far closer to him now than when he first noticed them.
In fact, the children had encroached onto Bob’s property significantly and rather than allowing some neighborhood kids to play in the leaves, Bob henceforth began thinking about insurance and getting sued if something were to happen. Therefore Bob boarded his lawn tractor and drove up to the children and got the surprise of his day…the entire previous 5 hours of work now laid strewn about in worse condition than when he started!
Wanting to be the cordial and neighborly person he is, Bob very calmly asked the children to slow down inasmuch as he had something to ask them. First attempt: utterly ignored. (Did we mention that Bob was a retired Headmaster at an elite boarding school?) Therefore to preserve the peace Bob then turned the tractor off and quite humbly approached the primary two boys, who we hasten to add, were on Bob’s property! Being an educator Bob thought this a great time for a teachable moment with respect to not demolishing the hard work and effort of an individual; yet, more importantly, Bob did have something to say about the Bill of Rights especially the 1st amendment.
Remember that it took this amount of time for their parents to catch-up and the first words uttered were; “Do we have a problem here?” Bob explained his lifelong experience as an educator and coach and would like to address the boys on just two small points: One being on another’s property, and two, to have a look at the destructive ends of another’s hard work. That’s it.
One of the mother’s immediately stated it was “her fault.” That she had instructed the boys not to go out intofall images the street; although they were walking on a six and one half wide high end sidewalk. Therefore, seeing that this person was in clear denial for her non-dodge ball playing wimp of a kid who was simply “…following mommy’s directions…” “Oh” Bob said, so you told them to level the huge pile of leaves? Moreover, in order to do that they had to encroach approximately 25 yards onto the property? Then and only then did both parents look at and notice the carnage their children had done.
Eyes the size of hubcaps these two ladies didn’t say a word to the children; moreover, promptly stated that she could tell nothing constructive would come out of the conversation and simply stated, “…well we’ve had enough here…”
All up folks this is precisely what’s wrong in America today. When all of us here were growing up, we didn’t get a parental choice – we were taught to sincerely apologize with a level degree of humility and respect or else we’d be sorry when we got home. America is losing its values, morality, and simple manners because of a lost meaning of words and the pride of fools.
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