How did PC influence the Ft. Hood massacre?

Screw PC

PC, Discrimination, What suits you?

What is being politically correct? Many argue that being “PC” taints the real meaning of words; others debate that the entire notion is an attempt at being more civil. Therefore we decided to welcome “all comers” where hopefully you will weigh—in and allow this readership the value of your wisdom.
Accordingly, we will begin presenting what we’ve researched and collected up to this point. Are you in?
“Political Correctness” (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions, and behavior, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished. (See Newspeak bottom page.)
Inasmuch as the Courts and Congress are involved with this abusive power against how a person expresses themselves; moreover, how constitutional rights and freedoms are abused we refer to the notion of political correctness as a huge form of tyranny.
It started with a few voices but grew in popularity until it became written and unwritten law within the community. With those who were publicly declared as being not politically correct becoming the object of persecution by the mob, if not prosecution by the state, or under other pretenses by individuals. (See Elaine Huguenin)
To attempt to point out the odious nature of political correctness is to restate the crucial importance of plain speaking, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech. These are the community’s safe-guards against the imposition of tyranny, which is why any such restrictions on expression such as those invoked by the laws of libel, slander and public decency, are grave matters to be decided by common law methodology; not by the dictates of the mob or subject to any other “Acts” as name nomenclature.
The declared rationale of this tyranny is to prevent people from being offended; to compel everyone to avoid using words or behavior that may upset homosexuals, women, non-whites, the crippled, the stupid, the fat or the ugly. This reveals not only its absurdity but its inspiration.
The set of values that are detested are those held by the previous generation (those who fought the Second World War), which is why the terms niggers, coons, dagos, hillbillies, queers, spastics and faggots, have become heresy, for, in an act of infantile rebellion, their subject have become revered by the new generation, in fact, en vogue as it were for whites to become as blacks, street talking and walking ladies – in middle to secondary education – now ‘sexting’ and sending photos of themselves in all manner of positions to anyone over the internet. In this fashion, being politically correct is much the same as:
Political Correctness is merely the resentment of spoiled children directed against their parent’s values, or the community at large.
A community declines when the majority of its citizens become selfish, and under this influence it slowly dismantles all the restraints upon self-indulgence established by manners, customs, beliefs, and law. In other words, the clearly established norms and traditions. (Sound familiar?)
Indeed no where is this more clearly pronounced in the notion of “Multiculturalism” the notion of who we are, where we came from, and we’re going to do what we please; because in your U.S. Constitution we are protected by those rights. More, oh much more, later.


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