A new law against homosexuality in Uganda could set a trend

Hurrah for homophobia

There is an old Indian proverb and believe that one day the foreign humankind will kill themselves and most of the planet off – then the Indians will be free again…paraphrased Indian proverb. Well one could think that the nation of Uganda may just be ahead of some other nations on our planet.
 VISITORS to Uganda have rarely been starved of sex if they have wanted it. But there are limitations. The country’s mix of vigorous heterosexuality and religiosity has made it one of Africa’s more homophobic places. Now, say advocates of sexual freedom, a proposed new law against homosexuals will push Uganda back into a grim kind of Victorian age, Africa-style.
Fine, say members of Uganda’s parliament, who believe they are leading a global battle to defend the traditional family. Foreign embassies, they reckon, are unduly pro-gay; the UN is alleged to be “smuggling” in “agents of immorality”. “Carnal knowledge against the order of nature”, as one MP put it, is imported by corrupt white men and women. As for us – we do not believe this to be a racial slur, albeit a mere distinction of people.
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