The things we learn…or hope we learn!

Reasonable, Reliability, Validity

There have been some pretty influential people that have come into our lives; and it seems that whatever we’ve learned from these people seems to stick with us for life – or one would hope so.
 Let’s break this down into categories shall we? Let’s go with business, education, and religion for now. Why these categories? If for no other reason, these topics are widely used and a lot about them has been in the news.
One of the most significant other’s I’ve ever known is a Chartered Accountant who lives in Sydney, Australia. We became friends in some business transactions then became best-friends and business partners as we grew up. In one of the smaller company’s we’d taken over – primarily because of the company’s indebtedness – needed to have an internal control audit. Seriously now, if you’re looking to buy something don’t you want to know about it?
Sure…we all do – I think. As my partner and I were going over the books she muttered under her breath to me: “Don’t forget…trust is bust” okay so I was clueless. She explained that there are no “I’ll give it to you later…or I know its in this file” excuses. She very politely explained to me that if I don’t actually see the documents and hold them in my little hands – well, quite openly to a Chartered Accountant the documents just do not exist. Period.
Whilst in graduate school writing a thesis here or there was one issue; however, what is considered the most important aspect of any academic exposition is of course, its citations. Basically it follows the precise example of the business model of “Trust is Bust.” In dissertations or factual writing there must be the trail to where one got their information. I have espoused long and hard writing about the notion of reliability and validity. Therefore the entire notion of citing particulars as to where one obtained the information is critical; moreover, its plain good form.
As far as religion goes – I’m baffled! I know that the minute someone either writes religion, lord, Jesus, or God on any issue there’s going to be fireworks! It all too often seems as though if one is edgy or in a bad mood, well then, lets take shots at religion.
We have a particularly difficult time with this practice. We hear this squabble about “…trying to cram it down my throat…or those blankity-blank Christians are pure hypocrites.” Why is this so important to mention, even if were true? One needs to separate the ideology from the person. Right?
So what is this all about? I see people enthralled by this global warming hoax, cap and trade, the White House visitors list, and quite frankly I ask: Have you people been going around believing this rubbish about global warming? Or how about cows farting methane gas? Better still, where is the supporting documentation?
Moral: Before anyone tries to feed you a line try and remember these principles mentioned above. Does it surprise you that all of these global warming advocates cannot put up the data? It’s gone missing. Think about our own Congress…trust them with your money? Blah..blah…blah.
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