Needless, senseless acts of violence

Showing respect, honor, and fortitude

The official memorial service was today and expected to last for several days. Cops coming from all over the country to honor these four who were murdered. With details and documents now released, we thought you might enjoy a road map of tragedy or better still, how various organizations through neglience allowed for the officers to die needlessly. 
FOUR COPS MURDERED in WASHINGTON: The documents indicate Clemmons’ release from prison was supported by Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Marion Humphrey, who cited Clemmons’ age at the time of his crimes and called his sentence excessive. His release was unanimously approved by the parole board, while the Pulaski County prosecutor’s office twice objected to parole recommendations for Clemmons.
In a very important note ALL READERS should notice that there existed conflict between the prosecutor’s office and the parole board. This situation begs us to ask this question: “Who knew the person (Clemmons) the best?” Certainly not a judge; moreover, how would a parole board know anything except what it read on papers issued to it by others? The prosecutor’s office employs several investigators and is thoroughly involved with the police department during every phase of the investigation. Prosecutors also speak with defendants.
“For us to prosecute a 17-year-old, and for him to get a 95-year sentence without a homicide — you’ve got to be a bad little dude to draw that kind of a sentence,” said Mark Fraiser, who prosecuted the earlier cases against Clemmons in Pulaski County.
“He had an obvious propensity for future violence,” Fraiser said today. “To wake up this morning and turn on the news and hear his name, I can’t even imagine the suffering of those families and the suffering of people in those communities.”

Humphrey said Monday he remembers Clemmons and believed he was genuinely remorseful and wanted to change. I figure young people make some mistakes,” he said. Also a Presbyterian minister, Humphrey said he believes in giving people a second chance. Humphrey in 2004 also officiated Clemmons’ wedding when he married his fiancée Nicole Cheryleen Smith, according to a copy of the marriage certificate.
What! This is a Circuit Court judge who remembers Clemmons as “…wanted to change.” Furthermore, Judge Humphrey really believed in not only second chances – but also third chances, fourth, ad nauseum – inasmuch as Clemmons had prior arrests and prior incarcerations.


So here we have a Judge who believes Clemmons’ sentence was excessive and predicated upon his age at the time of the crimes he committed fully supported the sentence commutation. So Clemmons gets paroled in 2000 and less than one year is sent back to prison on a parole violation (what a nice way to say…) for committing a robbery and received a ten year sentence. However, records indicate that Clemmons was again released from prison – paroled – again in 2004 and was to remain on supervised parole until 2021.
Clemmons moved to Washington State while still on parole. Of the first part this action is a direct violation of his parole –crossing state lines, furthermore he was being held on a child rape charge. He spent the past several months in jail on a child-rape charge but was released last week after posting a $15,000 bond. His release here came despite seven other pending felony charges, according to court records.
There is no problem saying that it is a result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington State that allowed for this heinous crime of murdering four police officers to happen. Now the really sick part:
After family and friends aided and abetted Clemmons after he committed the murders, his niece is making all efforts and appeals to have a memorial erected to honor her uncle at the precise location of where the police were executed. Go figure! (For further reading please click here.)

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