Congress: Is this how you raise your kids?

His holiness Obama

Whenever two or more are gathered it’s alleged that one should stay away from discussing the ‘forbidden three’: Politics, Sex, and Religion. Therefore, as America evolved, especially late in the 20th century rather than talk about any one of the ‘forbidden three’ people began in all earnest to not only talk about, but slander and fabricate issues about teachers and fellow educators. Well if it’s only once, please gather round and read today’s American Age.
Someone – anyone please enlighten us here. Please explain to us what is wrong with the moral fiber of our nation? Yea – to be sure there will be some who will say – “what are these people talking about…” So please perhaps if we put it out, it will encourage any number of folks to critically think about what’s happening and let us know just what on earth is going on in America!
In most circles adults and especially parents chat away about their children. And folks this ranges anywhere from the parent who wants to be their child’s best friend (BFF) to those who are “pulling strings” as it is trying to get their super intelligent son or daughter (combined SAT’s of 1050) into Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. To be certain there are younger parents who are looking at ways to get their child into a private school, no matter what it’s based on – when they find out their school of choice is running a cool and clean $20,000 per year is one issue; however, there is are also an 18-month waitlist.
All of this is going to boil down to how we raise our children; moreover, the morals, values, ethics, and that sense of justice that America was founded upon that we hope we’ll be able to transmit on to our children, nephews, nieces, and other relatives. Therefore without any further adieu what kind of example is our current presidential administration setting, and still a bit worse, what kind of examples are our congressional officials setting?
Just this morning according to Rasmussen Reports, 73% of American people feel as though they are better qualified to make decisions rather than allow Congress to do it! Seriously, can we blame any one of these people? Tell me how I am supposed to teach my child or my students that if you don’t get your way – get to the “backroom,” make sure the door is shut with a guard, and let the wheeling and dealing begin! This type of quasi-leadership may be okay with anyone who reads this but I can assure you it is not okay with our staff!
Allow me to further espouse that President Obama’s new approval rating is at a whopping 46% according to Rasmussen. Now when 70% of the American people feel that they are better decision-makers than these pork stuffing, backroom dealing, and dishonest politicians we say that this has to do involving their character. And his “holiness Obama” who rode in lying about hope, change, out with the ‘old Washington way’ – we are beyond certain that he wasn’t referring to the mess he’s sat quietly by and allowed to happen or the Chicago mob style “pay-to-play” politics that now is leading the way in Congress.
So let us get back to the original supposition here: If our most cherished leaders are blowing it this poorly, what do we say to those who are less experienced and less knowledgeable?
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