Deceitful Scheming Democrats part 1

Honest Leadership??

If there is one single ‘claim to fame’ that the Democrat leadership has successfully accomplished within their first and historic year is that they behave with the mentality like babies. As Americans we assured that if the Democrats are not getting their way – “Katie, bar the door!”

Over the past year most of our Democrat Congressional officials have tried to pull so much over on the American people and at whatever the cost no less. Quick examples that immediately rush to mind are the entire fabrication as ‘transparency’ which has given way to bill passage before the bill was even printed! Of course we are talking about the big, no, huge TARP bill that is so inequitable and lopsided that it’s embarrassing.
Furthermore, we are merely suggesting that ‘transparency’ does not mean doing deals behind closed doors, special meetings in the White House, and abhorrently initiating ‘pay to play’ schemes with the likes of our fine citizens in Nebraska, Louisiana, and Maine to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and earmarks.
After seeing a Democrat Congressional official interviewed this morning, we are left with this explanation: Democrats march to the beat of a different drummer. Moreover, they have also demonstrated marching to the beat of a completely different reality. For example: Anyone could easily see how nationwide health care won’t work by any number of factors. Take a look at Massachusetts’ version of state run health care and ask people how they feel. How about the easiest way to examine just about anything – public opinion that should drive public policy and looking merely at polling data? In a very, very small nutshell, the current Democrat leadership is oblivious to what the American people want.
Considering the events and decisions of the last year it is overwhelmingly obvious that the Harry Reid’s, Pelosi’s, Obama’s, and Ben Cardin’s of the leadership are not at all interested in the American people, yet rather the “sweetheart deals” that they and their cronies are able to reap the benefits.
WARNING and ALERT: We believe that the Democrats will do anything and everything possible to delay Scott Brown’s seating in the Senate. Whatever it may be from end of voting, to declaration, even moving into his new office, the Democrats will hinder every process along the way – after all, what do babies do when they don’t get their way?
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