Ad Ridiculitum…Political Correctness

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Some may refer to it as being “politically correct” while others simply say it is ridiculous. As for this blog – yep, we do have an expression for it, Ad Ridiculitum – insofar as the notion being presented is so ridiculous. Further, if it weren’t for the police dawgs of the world in this blogosphere then we are certain that it would just go by, unnoticed until it resembles the defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service and many other organizations who have been ruined at the workings of special interest groups. Here is an example:
 An atheist organization is blasting the U.S. Postal Service for its plan to honor Mother Teresa with a commemorative stamp, saying it violates postal regulations against honoring “individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings.”
The Freedom from Religion Foundation is urging its supporters to boycott the stamp — and also to engage in a letter-writing campaign to spread the word about what it calls the “darker side” of Mother Teresa.
The stamp — set to be released on Aug. 26, which would have been Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday — will recognize the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner for her humanitarian work, the Postal Service announced last month. “Noted for her compassion toward the poor and suffering, Mother Teresa, a diminutive Roman Catholic nun and honorary U.S. citizen, served the sick and destitute of India and the world for nearly 50 years,” the Postal Service said in a press release. “Her humility and compassion, as well as her respect for the innate worth and dignity of humankind, inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to work on behalf of the world’s poorest populations.”
What is being espoused here by this special interest group – as well as their “followers” – has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. We’ll go as far as saying any moron is able to see that truth. Honoring this woman on a postage stamp is but a small way of bringing her love and humanitarian suffrage into the forefront of our minds. How much humanitarian aid was raised for the tsunami victims? And again most recently in Haiti? When we stop the compassionate efforts of basic assistance to those who are in need because of some ridiculous reason as this…we all fail.
However, Postal Service spokesman Roy Betts expressed surprise at the protest, given the long list of previous honorees with strong religious backgrounds, including Malcolm X, the former chief spokesman for the Nation of Islam, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister and co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Speaking for The Freedom from Religion Foundation, Annie Laurie Gaylor, rendered these responses:
Martin Luther King “just happened to be a minister,” and “Malcolm X was not principally known for being a religious figure,” she said.
“And he’s not called Father Malcolm X like Mother Teresa. I mean, even her name is a Roman Catholic honorific.”
Gaylor said Mother Teresa infused Catholicism into her secular honors — including an “anti-abortion rant” during her Nobel Prize acceptance speech — and that even her humanitarian work was controversial.
With any hope the US Postal Service as well as all individuals will be able to discern for themselves just how absurd this special interest organization is.
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