Celeb nonsense and manufactured status

Kim Kardashian's Diet Pill Commercial Is Kinda Like a 1-900 Sex Ad

Look out he’s on his high horse again! We don’t know exactly what it is – perhaps a sense of equity and justice – but every time we hear the name Kim Kardashian or ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s, or Kourtney Kardashian had a baby; or, to someone else Kardashian got a nose, or boob, or butt job it makes one of us here want to spew. Actually projectile vomit would be a better word for the feeling. 

The only person coming from that family who had any real talent – and even this is questionable – was Robert or “Bob” to his friends; however, the limelight is like water to these folks as it was to Gremlins! Even the old man Robert Kardashian hung on a little too tight when it came to the People v. O.J. Simpson ordeal.
We’ve written several times about wannabe celebs at this and other sites as well. In all fairness this is “All things Americana” when one can take a perfectly good idiot sandblast them with make-up, fake hair, body doubles, and what not including a ‘Reality Television Show” that exhorts them while they go shopping.
Mark Twain is famous for stating among other things: “There’s a fool born every minute…and a sucker born to follow them…” Why do I complain about people who are so undeserving that they use sex tapes, big bouncy bodies, and friendships with other socialites to gain celeb status – and all the while thinking in their tiny little brains, “Oh they love me, they really love me…” thinking that they’re some kind of legitimate star.
We look at folks like Bryan Greenberg, Michael Chiklis, Will Smith, Laurence Fishburn, or Sean Connery who have worked at their craft to the point of perfecting it and still head on over to Summer Stock for live theater or the Actor’s Studio to mix it up with other actors. These are dedicated thespians that have brought us more moments of emotional turmoil who have earned their right to be cast in whatever film, opera, musical, or stage play they care to work on.
And just a quick sidebar: For the Lindsey Lohan’s of the world: Sean Connery would have seen to the firing of the likes of you when you didn’t even show up for a shoot!
But enough of all of that rubbish. We have found that when we meet real stars they transcend everything ever said about them, and the amazing thing is that they are real, friendly, and not hung-up on themselves. Thank goodness for that. That is ‘stardom’ a concept a Kardashian will never know anything about.

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