Why be one-sided in beliefs?


If there is a single thread of consistency among the undocumented immigrant and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities is that both groups find themselves as victims of an unjust and discriminating rule of law in the United States. Furthermore, we have concerns about cultural norms and the notion of disrespecting others who believe and adhere to those norms.

In a different way with words it could be stated that since same-sex marriage, open homosexuality, and the entire illegal immigration nonsense are relatively new phenomena — compared with the American culture as a whole — that one would think patience, alleged rights, and legislation would take considerably more time.
Notwithstanding everything else, we understand that as far as those who are affected by these issues it seems like too long a period of time since anything has happened and impatience may in fact be running quite high.
However there is another side of this culture which happens to be a considerably larger proportion of the whole that this is quite NEW. All we want to do is ask you the following:
The majority of this nation we affectionately call America are not gay. We also resent the presupposed notions of the “undocumented illegal aliens” demanding their rights. It consistently bothers us that our heritage and cultural norms are violated, moreover, tolerated by a government that has lost the consent of its governed.

Whether you believe that America was in fact founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and ethics is up to you; however, we are of the factually documented scholars that America is indeed a Christian nation and as such some of these new behaviors are against some of our belief systems.

Seriously has anyone of the 12 plus million illegal aliens in this country remotely thought about their presence here may be construed as an invasion? Doubt it. Why is it that a person who knowingly and willingly comes to the United States illegally — this means by breaking the law — find a job try to lay down some roots, want legislation for their family members and/or their same-sex partners can be united, their children can attend American schools, be beneficiaries of school lunch programs, Headstart programs, all this and much more while being taught the native language of the United States! We only ask that you please think about this from a different perspective.

Has anyone in the LGBT community ever considered that to see members of the same-sex kissing or other open displays of affection may indeed be offensive to those who are not gay? Imagine that! A portion of gay behavior that someone else finds offensive, may it never be! Like hell! It makes most of the other side sick.

One hundred and fifty years ago — more like 100 years ago masturbation was considered a ‘mental illness’ and those who openly admitted to it were institutionalized or received therapy or if they were of the upper class, sent to live with relatives or boarding school. It really wasn’t acceptable until shortly after the Civil Rights Movement to be openly homosexual. Therefore all things being equal it wasn’t until the early 1970s, a mere 40 years ago, that predicated upon the feminist movement that it slowly became okay — in little steps mind you — to open up that closet door.

You live in a nation that is tolerant by design. All we ask is that you be courteous and allow us — the opposite side — to acclimate to some new changes before adding, and adding to that notion vis-a-vie the DREAM Act and Uniting American Families Act.

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