Now it is Tom Hanks’ turn


It never really ceases to amaze us just how hypocritical some people can be. Most would probably not remember when Robert ‘Bob’ Redford went GREEN just before his rendition of Jeremiah Johnson was released. Yes indeed, this was during the same period of time when Mr. Redford was considering a run at the Senate on the Democrat Party agenda. Then much to ‘Bob’s’ chagrin he ended up being sued for destruction of property vis-a-vie Sundance, UT. 
And on and on it goes for our rather dense Big Hollywood stupido’s. The irony of the entire mess is one, get a name, get recognized, and then all of the sudden you’re an expert on all matters of politics and governance. Bull squat! I probably could sit right here and write for another 24 hours and include a paragraph for each of the Hollywood nitwits. But – where would I start?
From Streisand to Warren Beatty, from Ron Howard to Rob Reiner, let’s now include Tom Hanks to that very, very ugly list of those who don’t know squat but run their stupido mouths off in the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and the untold lists of others, lest I mention Woody Allen yet, I don’t want to get on a ramped rage here.
So our latest you-know-what-wipe has the unmitigated gall to make a statement such as this one from Big Hollywood:
[Hanks] doesn’t see the series as simply eye-opening history. He hopes it offers Americans a chance to ponder the sacrifices of our current soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. “From the outset, we wanted to make people wonder how our troops can re-enter society in the first place,” Hanks says. “How could they just pick up their lives and get on with the rest of us? Back in World War II, we viewed the Japanese as ‘yellow, slant-eyed dogs’ that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound familiar, by any chance, to what’s going on today?”
Again quoting from Big Hollywood: “There’s no such thing as a definitive history. But what was once a passing interest for Hanks has become an obsession. He’s a man on a mission to make our back pages come alive, to keep overhauling the history we know and, in the process, get us to understand not just the past but the choices we make today.” (John Nolte writes at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.)
The above written paragraph is one of the best bits of writing since my scholarly days studying under a Pulitzer Prize mentor and professor. And Mr. Nolte makes perfectly good sense when one considers the themes of the blockbusters Hanks is now famous for, that is of course, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, (Spielberg productions) and then let’s go after the ‘Big Guy’ with The Di Vinci Code, Angels and Demons (Ron Howard productions); please don’t misunderstand us here – Tom Hanks is an awesome actor – his problem is that his sense of history sucks.
Mr. Hanks needs to engage in scholarly study of the “Propaganda Machine” of the 1940s; furthermore, we’d suggest that he get his facts right and proper before he goes about making a complete Forrest Gump out of himself.
Mr. Hanks – a sidebar please – your undertaking of roles such as Philadelphia and The Green Mile have done much acclaim to your persona, as well as, the joy your voice has brought us from Toy Story. Please understand that humankind has been at war with each other since day one of creation – trying to theorize or espouse ‘why’ there are inherent differences in ideologies – is no field for the stupido’s of the world.
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