Veiled attempts at Shamnesty

Justice, Truth, Fair?

What I, apart from this blog have difficulty with is in the notion that these aliens who recklessly broke our manner of laws, still believe that the American people ‘owe’ them something. Whether it is respect or government subsidies, to education, or taking care of their kids, to this day they feel that America owes them something. Make no mistake about it – this is an entitlement attitude as a consequence for decades of accommodating them.

Keeping this post short, as long as they are making ‘demands for reform’ that are simply one-sided with everything leaning their way and simply not willing to accept, listen to, or work with the agencies of the US government, then this plea for reform is a veiled attempt at Amnesty.
Furthermore we invite everyone to look in our “Categories” of archives just to look at the hundreds of articles there – accumulated there by our staff, writings and quotes from the best of the best thinkers, and of course drawing from a rich illegal immigration library of data, statistics, and trends from the Pew Research Center, NumbersUSA, and Rasmussen Reports.
People if you think taxes are high now – we implore you to consider where the money is going to come from to pay for their “pathways” and other subsidies. We have written about the special interest groups such as the National Council of La Raza, MecHa, and dozens more who receive money from our government and other “special donations” that include Ford Motors, and untold scores of foundations. Do you think that any one of these groups are going to step up and put money in your plate?
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