The Gall of some people…

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We’d like to share two areas of interest with you folks today. One, recently whilst listening to the television I heard someone exclaim: “Oh the public education system in our country…it’s about the teachers, administrators, school boards, and principals…well, I say what about parents?” You may or may not believe this but that actually came from Bill Maher. What this showed me is that no matter how tough some things become we still need perspective and reality. Thank you Bill. 
Secondly, how many people can truthfully believe that this new healthcareObamacare – bill was the people’s choice? We at American Age are incensed to the point of outrage when Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, or Leader Reid and any other member of the Democrat Party are cheering and celebrating their victory – “…we have done what the American people wanted…”
The gall of some people! If you have forgotten the turmoil and outrage during the town hall meetings this past summer of 09’ or simply every single legitimate polling institution in this country who kept their fingers on the pulse of America which clearly indicated that the American people did not want this bill. Not only did the people not want this healthcare bill, the polling numbers were staggeringly high ranging between 58 and 70% against the bill.
Never, again — never ever, have we felt so betrayed by an institution of our own government. Recently I heard a woman on a talk radio program call in – literally in tears – explaining how she felt we ought to bring all American troops back from overseas. Hum, why the host asked? “Because I feel like we are at war with our own government,” she stated tearfully and angry.
How could any person with a conscience be happy about and totally screwing the people who they allege to represent?

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