When is enough…enough?

We have found ourselves here at American Age in a position of unrest with regards for the main-stream media and for several main-stream blog providers of the news because the more stuff happens – and particularly to who the stuff happens with – the more the American media sources resemble those of the United Kingdom and Australia.
Please don’t misunderstand us, for the most part England and France are very good sources for world news. The journalists in those countries have some kind of “oath” they must take that states ostensibly, there is a source behind everything I write about. However, the United States is falling away from that oath daily, on a repeated basis, where some “news” is abhorrent. Moreover, the level and degrees to which certain items are taken are just plain “bad form.”
One clear example is the situation vis-a-vie Tiger Woods. The guy exiting his home runs into a fire hydrant and before he’s out of the hospital for very minor injuries we are spellbound with headlines the likes of “Domestic Violence Reported” or for indiscretion with one woman – it wasn’t 20 hours after backing his SUV into something that news reports were ciphering through how many females “maybe” seen by Tiger as salvia dripped from the fangs.
So the sportsman immediately seeks rehabilitation for a legitimate personal problem as well as other matters that may have contributed to Mr. Woods’ main problem. Who knows? And here’s our question: “Why do people need to know other people’s business?” Now that question brings us to the moral dilemma of: Should newspapers or other sources of news be reporting on the intimate personal difficulties a person may or may not be going through?
As for us, it is an egregious abuses of the one’s 1st amendment rights to go and tattle-tale his person business. Why are we even taking the time with any of this? Simply because we believe in the notion of enough is enough! Tiger Woods has done everything and more than what Elin, his wife, has asked him to do. But noooo! Not good enough!
Rather than being straight up, the Huffington Post today leads with: Tiger Woods’ Wife STORMS OUT On Husband: Report please notice the all capital letters on “Storms-out” which most writers know is against all American titling conventions.
Need to be open and honest here gang: This is not the behavior one nearly expects from a “supportive friend” let alone a spouse. Most of us have been through this nightmarish situation of infidelity; however, it is hard enough on the parties involved; in other words, everyone else leave your 15 minutes out. Elin is now entering the space of cruel and unusual punishment with borderline activities to inflict intentional harm on Tiger Woods. Closing now – I wonder if Elin was ever “in love” with Tiger or was it just his billions?
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