Immigration Reform Bill: Too Forgiving on Lawbreakers?

What next?

Every now and then we either feature any of our other staff writers, or if it comes to an extraordinary article we’ve read, well why not try and have that person write a bit for American Age?
And that’s just what we’ve done here. Today we are going to feature a very small paragraph written by Bonnie Erbe who writes through a blog called The Thomas Jefferson Street Blog. Then we’d like to feature one of her commenter’s and his assessment of our nation’s immigration situation. Ms. Bonnie Erbe first:
My question is this: Has any other country ever reversed course and allowed 20 million people who violated that country’s laws to get off relatively freely? Can we imagine such mass forgiveness from, for example, Germany? That country has allowed Turkish citizens to come into the country as temporary cheap labor for decades. But Turkish immigrants are completely barred from German citizenship. I’d love to hear from readers whose knowledge of history surpasses mine and who do know of such an example.
Now we’d like to introduce our readers to Mr. William Westland who having read so many comments on “Undocumented Workers” followed up with this article.
They are not ‘undocumented workers’ — that sounds like they just forgot their birth certificates or something. They either came here illegally or they are STAYING here illegally and that means they are knowingly breaking the law – criminals!
With the average cost to illegally cross the border (paid to coyotes) at $2500 – you tell me – Where do they get that kind of money?
  Do they save it up? Well, let’s do some math. The average pay in Mexico is 55.00 Pesos per day – that’s $4.43 per day in US Dollars. So, to save up $2500, they need to work for about 565 days (without days off, vacations, or other things) – or, about 2 or more years. Okay that’s not so bad – save for 2 years.
 Oops, forgot about food, forgot about rent, and did I forget about clothing, transportation, cell phones, television, and/or anything else one might buy over the course of two years? Now yes, rent is low in Mexico as are many other things, but still, if you use their numbers (Mexico’s demographics), it should take someone about 7 years to save up enough to pay the coyotes.
 But of course that’s only part of what it costs to come here. When they do cross illegally, they would need food, shelter, transportation, and should we not fail to mention fake “documents” such as ID’s so they can vote, drive and find work here in the USA. So they will need about $1000 to get them through the next month or so before they can be ‘on their own’… That means $3500 which means about 10 years of saving.
Or, they could come here legally simply by filing the proper paperwork (about $200) and waiting their turn (about 18 months) and then getting their own transportation to get here (plane ticket 1 way $250) and such. Hmmm, seems silly they don’t do that!
Oh, but wait – some do! But they are the ones who can pass the background checks because they are not criminals, they can get their health certificate because they have no diseases and they can get a work visa because they already have a job waiting for them in the USA! In other words, it is doing it legally and it’s far less expensive and faster than working for 7-10 years and taking a risk that getting caught and lose $2500!
But they can also sell drugs, sell themselves, sell their children, or simply steal your identity or steal from you; one way or another they can make the money fast to come here and get away from Mexico where they cannot find work because they are criminals or such.
I say we should give all the illegal aliens the same deal that their home country gives to people who illegally cross their boarders! Funny, but not one particular country in the world – other than the USA – has given ‘amnesty’ to illegal aliens living in their country! Not one! So we should do the same? Send them home? If they come back again, lock them up for six months and then send them home?
Good riddance and more jobs for the unemployed – yea!


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