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Mississippi deserves more than it gets

You’ve just got to love those folks from Mississippi, don’t you? If ever there was a place that exudes Americana it has to be the beautiful, awestruck paradise of the ‘Magnolia State.’
Here’s a few reasons why we care so much for the good folks of Mississippi: Of the first part although the folks have every reason on earth to be boastful – they are quite the opposite – very humble. We have driven and flown the State more times than I can remember albeit north to south or east to west or very near crisscrossing the majesty diagonally. Speaking of diagonal things:
When severe heat and hate filled the South with demands of removing the stars and bars from the State flag, unlike a few others who complied for the wrong reasons; Mississippi through their citizenry and State government chose not to do it. In another brilliant maneuver, we wrote a column about Virginia Governor McDonnell and ostensibly, the need to develop a proclamation for those who were involved within the Confederacy.

  And wouldn’t you know it – not even close to a hour before the ink went dry on our article, Sheila Jackson, co-founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET) felt the proclamation was not representing every person affected by the succession of the several states; moreover, the notion of slavery was not in the original proclamation.

 This of course set ablaze a fire heard in Hell with cries of racism and every other imaginable wrong-doing. From our perspective we felt that Ms. Jackson’s outburst and several others that continued to fan the fire was not in the best interests of Governor McDonnell’s well-intentioned recognition of American history, culture, and above all, growth.

Again we decided as in many other cases not too give overwhelming credence to those who were supportive of the rebel-rousing crowd screaming hatred and racism.And much to our amazement just about at that instant, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour discussing Virginia Governor McDonnell’s proclamation on Confederate History month. The proclamation did not mention slavery. Barbour said that people were making “a big deal out of it” and it “doesn’t amount to diddly.” Furthermore, Governor Barbour also said, “I don’t know what you would say about slavery, but anybody that thinks that you have to explain to people that slavery is a bad thing—I think that goes without saying.” He added that the Mississippi legislature (which is controlled by Democrats) has adopted similar resolutions regarding Confederate soldiers.
In finale, does anyone remember who got the absolute worst of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita? You bet – it was indeed Mississippi who lost complete areas of land that once existed. This was the State that had the entire Hard Rock Café and Casino Hotel relocated across an entire interstate freeway.
This was the State featured on every news show imaginable with horrific scenes of despair; yet, it was people taking care of people each lending a hand to move what was left of a residence or pick up enough change to go get a fish burger from the folks who started their business based on the efforts of a husband and wife fishing until the wee hours at night and somehow getting to the only available store open – just about on the Gulf Coast – for bread and other goodies for those who worked, without their hands out, and not asking for a thing from FEMA.
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