We all need passion!

Be passionate for America!

If there is any one particular issue that we have a passion about in our country it is the federal government’s inability to do – and in most cases – attempt to do what they allege they’re going to do in matters relative to illegal immigration. Therefore, for many of us we have made this our top priority; albeit, exposing, educating, stirring awareness, or doing what we can to help the current USA’s defunct immigration policy.

One would think that if something was as bad as America’s immigration and naturalization policies are, naturally for most humans common sense tells us to slow down with what is going on vis-a-vie border security and who we are letting into this country. Make no mistake about it folks – the United States has done well defending our nation and influences just about every other nation on the planet. Yet, Americans are without question the most complacent people on earth as well.

Just some brief “Tales from The American Age Crypt” statistics to illustrate a point. Consider the amount of people who attend church on Sunday’s regularly. Nationally, of the 100% of parishioners present in the church only 50 percent or less remember what the sermon was about on Sunday night. And by the following Wednesday that figure drops well below 20 percent who remember what was discussed in church the previous Sunday. Complacency? You tell me.

Applied a different way however using the same parameters goes something like this: In the last two decades there has been no less than 22 different and distinct aggressive acts against the United States, her people, and her interests primarily on U.S. soil, yet some also involved Americans aboard ships, others in the air, at U.S. Embassy’s, and other members of foreign service.

Where is the press with these issues? Moreover, where is America in these matters of death and destruction? There is a distinct difference within our country as to what people remember or not. Ask anyone on the East coast what they were doing on September 11, 2001 and every one can just about recite where they were and what they were doing. However, within the same nation if we were to ask people on the West coast (and we have) there exists a remarkable difference in recalling what one was doing.

The point? Given the attitudes of congressional officials – in particular – the senatewith regards to illegal immigration, the status of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the overall effectual damage being done to America, why not entertain the notion of while reforming, we just reform all matters of immigration out of the senate’s purview. In other words, get the INS out of the senate’s hands.

Our favorite American!

Right now our lofty congressional officials have less than a 20% approval rating. Is our illegal immigration status even a part of that approval rating? And lastly, how about the “Corruption Chronicles of Congress” are they in the mix of the approval rating? We have but one last sentiment; predicated upon the amount of Congressional members that in some way are under investigation for ethics, financial, or other violations of the code – how much of this “I’m bigger than the law” attitude roles from Congress to athletic stadiums, NFL, NBA, or MLB? What degree of their actions is influencing our youth right now?
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