Running the Mouth before Critical Thought…

“Ye olde flapper-dapper”
 As our title indicates one of the more basic problems with humankind is the notion that whenever they hear, read, or see something that sparks that ‘passion’ within them – one of two very predictable outcomes will happen – the first is running off at the mouth, spewing things that are unreasoned and pathetic and two, in one’s moment of irresistible passion they tend to typify the research that shows when a human being is under stress, aggravation, or passion then the normal brain function ceases and thinking and reasoning become clouded.
“One indisputable fact is that from the time of America’s “founding,” immigration has been crucial to this nation’s growth–and also a source of conflict. Anyone who doubts this should re-watch Martin Scorcese’s grossly underrated film Gangs of New York, in which newly arriving Irish Catholic Whites found themselves pitted against “Native” Whites on the eve of the Civil War. We know that this particular immigration explosion lasted well into the 1920s.”
“They are coming from Latin America. From Asia. From Africa. From the darker and more “exotic” parts of the globe. They work hard. They raise families. They play by the rules. And they are terrified of being deported. They are called “foreigners” and “illegal aliens” as if their contributions to our society, indeed their very existence, was somehow undeserving of respect.”
 The above-referenced paragraphs are without question the why so much yelling, screaming, protesting, and eventually violence and rioting become the end result of public awareness. Sure there can be no argument that immigration has greatly contributed to this Nation’s growth; subsequently, immigration also inherently brings with it the sources of many conflicts. But the grave travesty here is that the author only presents a ‘partial rendition’ which under the current circumstances is blatantly irresponsible.
 The writer, Kevin Powell, leads one to believe that newly arriving ‘Catholic Whites’ found themselves pitted against ‘Native Whites’ on the eve of the Civil War. What Mr. Powell does not mention is the fact that at its original founding Catholics weren’t even allowed consideration of migrating. Moreover, Mr. Powell writes as though all of this became manifest on American soil. Mr. Powell in a very sordid way writes so as to draw conclusions from inaccurate and partial information. The fact of the matter is that Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants have been literally at war for centuries. The conflict was not born here; it merely resumed as more immigrants came.
 Speaking in terms of a new mass immigration (normally referred to as “waves”) Mr. Powell states the rather obvious: Immigrants are now coming from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and ‘darker more “exotic” parts of the globe. Therefore, we find it incumbent upon ourselves to ask Kevin Powell this question:
Do you believe that if ‘they played by the rules’ there would still be a terror of being deported? Furthermore, hard work and raising families in itself is an altogether different matter than being referred to as an “illegal alien.” We would also submit that the manner with which they arrived in this Nation – does in fact cast a question as to assimilation and other matters of becoming American citizens.
  Statements such as “Yes, Arizona’s new anti-immigration law identifying, prosecuting, and deporting illegal immigrants is detestable, inhuman, and, no doubt, racist toward the mostly Latino population affected by it.”
Here again we would entertain asking if you have in fact read Arizona’s new legislation referred to as SB1070? We ask because it is more than evident that little, if any, critical thinking went into your espousal of ‘anti-immigration, prosecuting, and deporting’ an individual who entered our Nation illegally – without proper physical or mental examinations, visa requirements, passports, and other forms of identification, not to mention language requirements – and other manner of laws would lead you think of this overt law breaking as ‘detestable, inhuman, or racist?

  “So, yes, let’s boycott Arizona until this law is overturned. If Arizona is now going to stop and harass Latinos as if they were some kind of fascist state, then that state does not deserve a dime of your hard-earned money. But let’s not stop there. My campaign for Congress has articulated a new vision for America’s immigration policy, detailed on my website” 

As for us we believe that borders are for a reason as are, unfortunately, locks on our personal property. We simply ask that perhaps one would be better served if they read the legislation then reflected on it (understanding that it’s been a federal law mandated by Congress) over fifty years ago. That’s all. (For notes 1-3 please see this link, thank you.)
 Ladies and gentlemen we present to you Mr. Kevin Powell, a candidate for the 2010 election to Congress from Brooklyn, New York. Surely we can do better.


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