What’s happening here..?

A friend today made mention of the amount of flat-out catastrophes that are going on around the world; moreover, with specific mention of in and around the United States. We believe he’s got a lot of merit. We don’t push the “End-Time” eschatology here albeit; we do believe that people should be informed.
This past winter of 2009 and 2010 had to be a climatologist’s nightmare. What could be worse for all of these “global warming” zealots than to be experiencing the worst ever snow dump on America’s eastern seaboard in history. And if we all remember this winter came on the heels of tainted evidentiary material that has governments – heck, just about everyone talking polar bears to icebergs.
Now within just months Tennessee and portions of Kentucky are experiencing overflow from the waters of the York and Mississippi Rivers of historic proportions. Daily the news services are bringing live video of semi-trucks floating down the highways – not to mention houses lifted completely off of their foundations and floated down the streets.
And the main-stream media finally got a clue and started covering the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We are divided on that particular issue in as much as we cannot tell for certain whether or not this is a good event or a travesty. Not to be misunderstood whatsoever – the deaths of crewmen, the condition of the infrastructure, and the condition the well was in – all need to be investigated, but don’t you think that the U.S. government already has enough on its plate? We do.
The other point of confusion for us goes something like this: Oil is in fact the flora, fauna, and other things that is smashed between layers of earth. This particular product is organic, meaning; it came from the earth as did the birds, fish, coastlines, and everything else to be affected by this massive spill.
Folks, this is failure that only humankind could ever aspire to do – humankind is the only animal on this planet that creates problems for itself not knowing that a solution or fail-safe even exists. Yes! The first atomic bomb was detonated and those responsible did not know it the fission would ever actually stop. But did this stop them from detonating the bomb?
One of the most permeating yet disgusting ideas that surround various catastrophes is of course the federal government’s lack of restraint to get involved. If most scientists can be taken predicated upon their results then we could conclude that the earth has been here several billion years and humankind has inhabited the planet of several million years. Whoever made the earth and the surrounding cosmos has done a pretty magnificent job of keeping things in balance despite everything from underground nuke explosions to now, some fallacy called Cap n’ Trade.
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