How long before there’s an uproar?

A friend today made mention of the amount of flat-out catastrophes that are going on around the world; moreover, with specific mention of in and around the United States. We believe he’s got a lot of merit. We don’t push the “End-Time” eschatology here albeit; we do believe that people should be informed.
And in much the same vernacular would you believe what the number one most read article is here at American Age? Well I am very, very happy to let you know that it is titled What is political correctness?
Quite openly a couple of members here have tremendous knowledge of languages, or “linguistics” as they say. Seriously it is awesome just to listen to them – and I must disclose that they were indeed the inspiration for that article.
Having put that forth we’d like to share with you some overly politically correct writing and then ask you how long do you think it will take before special interest and advocacy groups alike pounce on this expression. Furthermore, this one is destined for the U.S. Supreme Court so let’s have a look at it now…
He had reportedly returned to the U.S. in February after spending a number of months in Pakistan, where he traveled after becoming a naturalized American in April 2009.
What is at issue? We noticed this while reading an article about the Times Square attempted bombing suspect in Time Magazine. Honestly we don’t have problem one with it what so ever; however, this is the kind of over political correctness we’ve mentioned earlier – notice “naturalized American.”
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