Attitude of Arrogance…

Attitude of Arrogance

Quick down and dirty matters: We believe that several congressional incumbents are going to lose their jobs in congress this year and for subsequent voting cycles. Our reasoning is that Americans – in general and en mass – have had it with the “elitist attitude” that has been characterized and demonstrated by both Congress and the Obama administration.

The mere notion that Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, as well as Janet Napolitano, Chairperson of Homeland Security have been critical of Arizona’s illegal immigration legislation to the point of appearing on as many Sunday main-stream media programs as possible to espouse their displeasure of the law. Here is the sickening part:
One would think that after Mr. Holder made a complete and utter ass of himself before a congressional committee while admitting that he has not seen nor read Arizona’s new bill. One would further assume that someone “inside the beltway” would get a clue and make the reading of this bill mandatory during normal hours or at the very least some light homework, before saying anything about it because one is just not qualified to talk if they haven’t read the bill.
Furthermore, what type of example are these “quasi-leaders” setting for our children who will be in debt and hopefully can find work?
As far as we see it, it is far worse especially when these “elitists” begin to misinform and misrepresent the facts of the bill. Does anyone other than us see the similarity on getting a student to do homework? The sheer arrogance of these people – trying to lead on a platform of “do as I say, not as I do” agenda is just plain disgusting!
People we have to put forth an ideology of solidarity. We must show – our leadership at best – needs to step up and say “…we’ve been wrong…and here’s what we are going to do about it.” When one state decides under the unmitigated gall of one of the “leaders” that they will boycott something from another state that is based on wrong information, fabrications, and blatant lies, there is no excuse.
As far as matters of immigration and naturalization service’s the United States government has not only dropped the ball, what’s worse is that they stand guilty of not trying to assist the states; moreover, they have not followed their own laws. If the government passes into law that it is okay – under reasonable suspicion – to make basic inquiries as to residence and other immigration details pursuant to the United States Code Title VIII then let’s start assigning homework. Because predicated on Title 8 to be in this country without proper procedures is illegal.
Therefore having established that we are living under a double standard, we suggest just two things: Prior to becoming a “Sanctuary City” and then threatening to boycott another state we simply suggest that you have a look at your own state’s position and what has been mandated into law. If you think that Arizona’s legislation is not right, we implore you to read California’s Statutes and in particular, California Penal Code Section 113-115 and then 834b in particular. Please click here.

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