“America is a nation of immigrants”

Notice how these people are dressed

Now for all of those bleeding heart liberals out there as well as advocacy groups, sanctuary cities, sanctuary buildings, or hard lobbying money mongers here is some writing with passion. We’re very tired of this age-old argument of “America is a nation of immigrants” as an excuse to advance some personal or political agenda you may have. Under the terms and conditions that would make “America a nation of immigrants” and all things being equal – then that notion doesn’t only apply to America. Every nation on this planet could also be considered a nation of immigrants inasmuch as there are very few, if any, indigenous people who may have not relocated somewhere else.
The rationale behind “America is a nation of immigrants” is really not at issue is it? Nope! What is at issue is the amount of illegal aliens that are migrating to the United States without proper compliance with the rule of law that governs our nation; furthermore, the concessions and compromises being made are just NOT what the American people want.
We tried our level best to assert this before – maybe today it will stick to something or someone. We did not create this situation of 12 plus illegal immigrants into the nation. It was however created then neglected by the US government. Contrary to what Obama says after meetings with Mexico’s president, and the bullet-dodging misspeaking Hillary Clinton seems to feel the overwhelming need to implicate the citizenry of our country as pathetic over-consumers of prescription medications and those given over to weed. No kidding – both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have denigrated the American people when with dignitaries of other countries. Not that this matters, but do you think Mrs. Clinton smoked weed in college? How about Barack Obama? Point being — we didn’t start it. Nuff said.
The 9/11 Commission recommended that the U.S. improve its system for issuing identification documents, urging the federal government to set standards for the issuance of sources of identification. In 2005, Congress passed a law implementing the Commission’s recommendations – a law that included several provisions of the Identification and Drivers’ License Compact, a voluntary state standard endorsed by more than 45 states.
Key measures that increase the level of assurance for a document include the following: information and security features that must be incorporated into each card documentation and verification of an applicant’s identity, date of birth, social security number, and legal presence in the United States and checks to ensure that an individual does not hold multiple driver’s licenses in other states, and minimum security standards for issuance of licenses and identification cards.
So what’s the Big Deal with those unruly folks in Arizona? Scenario One: Some money mongering special interest group who has a rope around Politician A’s neck utters these words…”racial profiling”…and before one can say lickety-split, every La Raza, MALDEF, special interest group is threatening to sue; moreover, this being somehow related to human beings albeit criminals, trespassers, or whatever – naturally we’re going to see the ‘Reverend of What Al Sharpton,’ most likely the ‘Reverend of Who’ Jesse Jackson and why do these people get involved?
*Did you know that if special interest groups include in their offering application that they are committed to helping out some sector of American society, they become eligible for federal funding, tax exempt status, and very generous grants from huge corporations such as the Bill Gates Foundation or the Ford Foundation.
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