The bullying of the ‘Open Borders’ mob

Today’s action was part of a coordinated effort spearheaded by Reform Immigration for America (RIFA), a national organization made up of existing immigrant-rights groups, to force legislators to choose a side in the immigration debate, which has recently intensified due to Arizona’s passage of the enforcement-only law SB 1070. The essential question the campaign asks of representatives is “Are you on the side of reform or racism?” (How disgusting is that?)

At about 10:30am, the activists silently entered the second-story office, carrying pro-migrant signs. Two delegates of the crowd led the negotiations; one of whom was a constituent, the other had met with a Dreier aid in Washington D.C. in March of this year. They requested a meeting with Representative Dreier, and were informed that the Congressman only accepts meeting requests in writing. (Simple enough)

Ladies and gentlemen this is anything but the right to assemble peaceably, or petition the government, or anything remotely resembling the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This behavior is bullying, cheap, impromptu, and lacking in civility whatsoever.

Negotiations continued as the activists made their demands clear: “We’ll accept a meeting with Dreier, a phone call from him, or a public statement. We’ll remain here until we get one of the three.” The chief of staff began asking the activists, who by this time had taken seats on the office floor, where they were from. “He automatically assumed that since we had brown faces, we were not his constituents,” one woman commented afterwards. “That was very offensive.”

Notwithstanding everything else that can be hurled as an insult, this is egregious. Notice who brings up color! Notice who plays the race card. This type of overt behavior is systemic to the minds of those who are trying to have open borders and unfortunately condoned by the special interest groups that support them. 

The escalation continued, the chants increasing in volume and intensity.

Staffers attempted to give the activists the particulars of standard operating procedures by explaining the details of protocol. They began to look unnerved. “You were here yesterday!” exclaimed one senior staffer, directing his question at one of the negotiators. “Why didn’t you set up an appointment then?” “I was here yesterday as an individual, but today, I’m here representing my community,” he answered.

Realizing that they were going to be unable to conduct business as normal, the staffers retreated into a back room. As the chants continued, someone from a neighboring office entered Dreier’s, and asked to speak with the white-skinned member of the negotiating team. When asked why he wanted to speak to that particular individual, he asked him, “You’re the leader, aren’t you?” “We are all leaders, sir,” was the polite response

“ICE and the Border Patrol disrupt our families’ lives every day when they raid houses at five in the morning!” declared one of the delegated negotiators as a hush fell among the crowd. (Why do you suppose that is?)

Shortly thereafter, sheriff’s deputies arrived en masse. A peaceful exit was negotiated, with deputies filming the demonstrators at the egress. Demonstrators refused to be intimidated, however, and set up a picket line in front of the office building.
“Dreier, remember! We vote in November!” was the rallying cry; just before the final chant of “We’ll be back!” was raised. One activist, as student from Cal Poly Pomona, shared traditional snacks with the hungry participants, and a spirit of fellowship was felt as shared as the action was evaluated and plans for the next steps were taken.

“Our disabled friend pointed out that the building has no elevator,” said a young man. “What does that say about how accessible Dreier is to his constituents when his office is not even accessible to the disabled?” What is this supposed to accomplish? Expected entitlements or some how empowering these people? Rubbish, plain rubbish. (For further reading of this and other similar stories, click here.) 


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