To close for comfort

This is indeed one of those times where every editor-in-chief cringes inasmuch as they have been told that information that their organization has published was in fact, erroneous. We’ve all heard of them before either as retractions or ‘setting the record straight’, or the common withdrawal. That is precisely what we are doing here.

Earlier in the week we published something (see below) about divorce settlement particulars predicated upon information we’d received from other – rather substantial sources. However through the verbiage used or emotions we’ve been feeling for Tiger Woods and family we somehow we got it wrong. Therefore, as of today it has been reported that Elin Nordegren is expected to receive much less than we reported; however, when is 100 million dollars ever a small amount?

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods are getting closer to reaching a divorce settlement. So If you’re hoping for a tearful Elin Nordegren to give an interview on the Oprah Show, you’re out of luck. As per the ex-couple’s divorce settlement, Elin is to keep mum on her infamous soon-to-be-ex-husband’s ramped sexual tirades in exchange for one thing – a reported $100,000 million. Then again we wouldn’t bet on that either…insofar as it is amazingly obvious that this woman will do anything for money.


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