Considering the DREAM Act

Time to wake up!

The following article is we believe, a rational argument against why the DREAM Act should not be passed. Original article with comments is here.

The DREAM Act would give undocumented young adults the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency (which can eventually lead to legal permanent residency and then citizenship) if they graduate from U.S. high schools, have been in the states continuously for at least five years before the bill’s enactment, and meet certain postsecondary educational or military service requirements.

No! The bill is not even handed – anytime one sees the words “opportunity” strung together with “conditional” – it vastly becomes a conditional affair which is left to the arbitrariness of performance. Furthermore, when one is enticed by the word “if” that in and of itself assures conditions; currently we are looking at IF they graduate from a U.S. high school, been in the U.S. for a continuously for five years, and meet post secondary and or military service requirements and IF there hasn’t been a crime committed…

In fact there isn’t anything remotely even about this bill whatsoever. Just a superficial reading indicates that someone is getting something for what in exchange? Illegal aliens are already receiving better tuition rates than those who are legally in the nation. Where is the equity – moreover – equality in that situation?

It is obvious that any change to the status quo now with the exception of amnesty unleashes a torrent of political correct ‘make-believe’ rubbish. Let’s use Arizona as an example. What Arizona has done was take a federal law that is already on the books with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and used their Tenth Amendment right and a host of other well-argued rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to take what is good enough for the federal folks and within their due-process rights enacted the exact same law at the State level.

What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, other than the ever-so-fragile ego’s of Washington D.C. law degree leaders who must find a way to defeat it. Why? Again because someone else other than they, were sharp enough to act where the federal government has not. Therefore what ostensibly happens? Smear baby! Crank up the spin machine and just like someone under hypnosis it is definitely racial profiling, inequality, and why are they doing this to us? Here again we need to say something about culpability.

Please look at this example: A lot of people argue that children of immigrants who came here as children and know nothing but the America way and why they should have to go back to their country of origin – is because they have and acknowledge a country other than America to which their allegiance is owed. That is the acculturation and assimilation they’ve received from their parents. What is wrong with Americans asking those who are in the country illegally and may be under the age of 25 years old to go back and disavow their allegiance with their country? And just for the sake of peace, drop the ridiculous hyphenation! The Rev. of What Al Sharpton has nothing whatsoever to do with Africa; so why is it imperative that he refer to himself as an African-American?

Insofar as the weak and inactive federal government cannot make decisions although there are laws in place; moreover, because representatives from the federal government have made unscrupulous deals with special interests groups most notably La Raza, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and those previously mentioned on this site to arrange for their elections – why on earth is there such a thing as the Open Borders Lobby, the DREAM Act, chain migration and other issues and problems that have been dumped on Americans?

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