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    After considerable information gathering and some ripping research we at American Age have decided to bring our knowledge, experience, and insight to the slipping of America's never-ending saga of lowering the bar of acceptable standards of conduct and decency. We believe that it's time for that proverbial 'line' to be drawn in the sand primarily with, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Sexual Orientation, (or whatever that is?) and Education.
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U.S. suing Arizona

Only in Obama, Reid, Holder, and Pelosi’s America would one find anything so frustrating and embarrassing. These aforementioned elected officials have done absolutely nothing to advance the cause of immigration reform. Moreover, they have assisted in creating a divide among Americans.

If one were to compare America to a sports organization then it has done the unforgiveable; subsequently, there has been a dissention within the ranks; consequently, nothing will tear an entity down quicker than dissention. Dissention is much like creating factions or pitting one side against another.

This is clearly seen in with the Democrat led government. Although just about everyone is screaming for some kind of reform, what the Democrats are proposing and have successfully done is create sanctuary cities, leaders of various Houses albeit upper or lower telling the bias main-stream media “…calling someone illegal is un-American…” And our esteemed Secretary of Homeland Security, who incidentally is the former governor of Arizona, says “…they are not really criminals – we don’t consider them criminals, just undocumented…” It should be clearly noted that when Janet Napolitano was Arizona’s governor she constantly petitioned President Bush for U.S. National Guard troops to protect the border and people of Arizona from what? Illegal aliens.

The lawsuit will argue that Arizona’s law requiring state and local police to question and possibly arrest illegal immigrants during the enforcement of other laws such as traffic stops usurps federal authority. The government will likely seek an injunction to delay the July 29 implementation of the law until the case is resolved.

*How is Arizona’s law simply asking an individual where they are from while under probable cause for a potential crime committed usurp federal authority? It is wholly inaccurate to sue for the usurpation of authority when the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, and the POTUS Barack Obama willfully and knowingly admit to “…inaction by the federal government.”

The lack of government intervention where alas it would be welcomed and we’re seeing the real mettle of our leadership in America which is non-existent in this situation. They have created a problem and want it cleaned-up at our expense.

*For reference to Arizona law paralleling federal law quick here for the United States Code, TITLE 8, CHAPTER 12, SUBCHAPTER II, PART VIII, Section 1325.

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