Crime, Illegals, and the Penis Pump

Proving that the illegal immigration crisis is not limited to Border States, an undocumented alien in a Midwest prison for a felony conviction fleeced U.S. taxpayers for tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical care, including surgery for an inflatable penis pump.

The unbelievable story was recently made public by officials in a tiny Minnesota town—Shakopee—that has been enormously impacted by illegal immigrants. In the last few years, the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens has grown nearly tenfold in the small county (Scott) that encompasses the town of about 25,000 residents.

In response to heightened concern about illegal immigration since a gang-related stabbing in Shakopee, Scott County Attorney Pat Ciliberto has been tallying known costs to taxpayers and gave this example.

It is impossible to know the full cost of illegal immigrants in Scott County receiving public assistance or going through the court system, but the burden on the jail alone is staggering.

The county’s cost for housing inmates with immigration holds has grown nearly tenfold in recent years, reaching more than $307,000 last year, Ciliberto reported. The impact over the last four years totaled $843,600, which doesn’t even include medical coverage. The figure doesn’t even include medical coverage, education or welfare for illegal aliens, which local officials say state and federal laws require them to provide.

After serving 98 days for that felony in the Scott County Jail — at a $12,000 cost to local taxpayers — the man was supposed to be held for deportation. Instead, he was released and assigned a deportation court date even though he has a history of jumping bail. The same illegal immigrant had an arrest warrant for skipping bail involving a separate crime when he got booked in Scott County for identity theft.

Incredibly, the mandatory coverage includes penis pumps, which in this particular case, was billed as an “emergency” medical procedure that cost taxpayers $50,000. Jailed for identity theft, the illegal immigrant has also incurred tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills in addition to that emergency penis pump surgery.

The jail routinely checks the immigration status of foreign-born inmates. But for every illegal alien that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement puts a hold on and actually takes, there are probably two to three the agency ignores, said Scott County Jail Lt. Doug Schnurr. (The jail does not keep statistics on its total illegal-inmate population.)

This illustrates that rural America has indeed been hit by an illegal immigration crisis once thought to affect only Border States. Minnesota officials point out that, although Scott County is thousands of miles from the U.S.-Mexican border, illegal immigrants are devastating their community. That’s why one Scott County lawmaker, Commissioner Barbara Marschall, applauds Arizona officials for saying “we’ve had enough.” (For further reading please see here, just click.) And special hat tips to Judicial Watch and to Shannon Fiecke of the Shakopee Valley News for an outstanding in-depth article about illegal aliens in the Midwest.

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