Paris, Kim, li’lo the lot of em’

Just going to ease up here…just for a bit, perhaps like some mindless drunks didn’t do out in the desert of California this past weekend when many people were killed and many suffered injuries because they either were in the wrong place at the wrong time or were plastered to the point of judgment impairment.

Anyway on we go…We’ve noticed lately that we’ve been getting a lot of questions, responses, and comments about the Hollyweird saga of Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton and of course – one of our faves – the talent-less, overweight, “let’s make a sex tape and get some fame,” C’mon! You know who I’m talking about – Kim Kardashian!! [Fake applause signs blinking off and on off and on…]

Then after the gift for Khloe’s hubby, and new baby for Kourtney what the hell is up with the little plastica’s now? “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.” Pulheez! Just as things with Li’lo Lohan was fading away, and those who belong in rehab were actually in rehab it was beginning to get nice out West again. But noooooo!!

Has anyone ever met a more untalented, fake, shop till’ you drop, wannabe actors in their lives? Goodness gracious…Paris if for nobody else, get some class for your mother and father and those who made it big and saw to it that you’re a socialite. Suffice it to say – if it were me, you would have been cut off (yes! from everything!) till hell froze over. Btw, what makes you so special anyway? Big honking nose, skinny butt, even less tetas, and by all accounts you have a real halitosis problem!

Not just yet Kimster…C’mon girl you can tell us now…what’s real and what’s not on that rotund body of yours? We’re getting some nasty reports about you and Dr. Fixit lately…we think you should write in and tell us so we don’t pass on any rumors concerning butt implants, lipo-lipo to the thighs, the belly tuck, by the way, what do you really look like?

Toddles girls got to run…the real kind, I’m training for a marathon.

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