Doesn’t use Common Sense..Paris Hilton

Statistics are not on the side for those who have been either incarcerated or convicted of a felony. Amazingly, 94 percent of those who have “I fought the law and the law won” either been to prison or indicted on a major crime will be far more likely to repeat the second verse.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, William Clinton, Snoop Dog, and many, many more just like them are repeat offenders illustrating that crime is colorless, does not have a race, or for whatever matter is lacking in the brains department.

Police searched Paris Hilton’s bag and found small amount of cocaine. She was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. Las Vegas nightclub manager Waits — who had been behind the wheel at the time — was charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

Sources close the celebutante tells that Hilton claims that the purse containing the cocaine does not belong to her. However, her history would indicate otherwise. Paris’ drug addiction has had quite an active social calendar this summer. In July, the quasi-celebrity was arrested in Corsica after she was caught with marijuana in her handbag by customs officials. In addition, PH was tossed in the slammer in Africa last June after she was found in possession of the green stuff during a World Cup match.

Paris was freed without bail indicated the amount of cocaine involved in the arrest was small. Nonetheless, CBS Legal Expert Lisa Bloom told Sky News on Saturday that Hilton could face jail time if convicted over the arrest.

“In Nevada the conviction for a schedule II narcotic, which is what cocaine is, is probation to four years [in jail] if it’s a relatively small amount. If she’s convicted I expect her to do some time on this.”

Paris was jailed for two weeks three years ago after violating the terms of her probation for DUI. The scandal-scarred socialite and her new beau — Cy Waits — were arrested in Las Vegas earlier Saturday and slammed with a host of drug charges after Sin City cops stopped the duo driving erratically near the Wynn Hotel on the Vegas strip. The couple’s Cadillac Escalade was pulled over at approximately 11:30 PM when police detected the smell of marijuana coming from the car.

This last bit about police detecting the smell of marijuana definitely goes to probable cause predicated upon the auto being driven erratically. No racial profiling was reported.



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