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We think it is time to open up and give kudos where kudos belong and are earned. Also one can only be serious for so long…right? I mean between this stellar blog, American Age, and the other blogs I maintain, as well as the sum total of all forms of writing and to such a variety of audiences – today I want to write about something that does mean a lot to me – celebrities and those who gain notoriety through their talent or some by other means and how they keep the fire burning inside for them and their craft that gets relayed to us.

How does one ever forget their first experience with the “social media gang,” and how inevitably it turned out? As for me – although my experience with this medium is rather limited, I also believe that what happens is for a reason. Who knows what reason yet we should be appreciative and at least give our two cents.

Remember your very first kiss? Nope not that one – that first kiss that made you feel you were literally off of the ground – where you got so caught-up in the moment that space or time or whatever just didn’t even matter anymore, and you could have just died?

That is about as close as I can get and still keeping this a family “PG” rated blog. Nonetheless it wasn’t too long ago that whilst using Twitter that I mentioned something kiddingly about seeing Brittany Snow’s name on my screen – actually wondering if it was really Brittany Snow of Prom Night, John Tucker Must Die, and Hairspray fame. “Well how’s this one J.P. muah!” People it is the little things – ‘Hello, hi, how are you, wazzup, ever been too, or just general chit-chat that can make a person’s entire day, week, month, or in this case a year!

As many of you know – as espoused through other writings on this very site – I believe that notoriety, celeb status, being a real star, what have you carries an inherent responsibility. So when I found Taylor Swift roughly saying the same thing precisely – “I can’t wait until things (new album and film) settle down, because I would really like to “tweet” back to some of my fans – we are so lucky to have such loyal and loving fans…”

Naturally she was responding to something along those lines to someone else. Some very normal, talented, down to earth, grounded, genuine, intelligent, the last person one would ever have thought – Kristen Stewart. And there she was in all of her normalcy yet, regal as any member of royalty that ever walked this planet. So here’s Kristen Stewart sort of having a discussion with Taylor Swift about how she just couldn’t do what she’s done without “them” her fans. And sure as anything she echoes Ms. Swift by saying that her fans are the most important people in her life these days, and then she made an incredible statement, “I’m going to make it a point of communicating as much as possible with my fans…soon as it slows down.”

So like the duffer (or duffiss) I can be sometimes, I simply typed, “Promise?” back to Kristen. Well, it’s not like I’ve got a huge following of people to worry about – think of having half-a-million or more people writing their 163 characters to you every day, several times a day. Two days later I have a message from her saying “Time for me to start following U, you guys are awesome.” Please immediately reread the third paragraph!

Okay admittedly I have an affinity with Kristen Stewart’s work, hell probably since she was born. I was in awe when I saw her in Panic Room, then she grew a little awkwardly and I saw her carry a complete film called Catch that Kid and everything she’s done since and probably will ever do. Immediately following Panic Room I went on record as saying that “Kristen Stewart is destined for greatness in this business.”

My favorites in the realm of social networking, and believe me Twitter does go to FaceBook goes to MySpace, that does to Twitpic, and so on, are the people who with a stroke of typing “Hey ya’” acknowledge you, the little person who’ll never meet these people yet, for some reason they do. And what I’m finding out as well as they must be as well is the notion that a little type sure inspires a lot of capital.

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and The Town is one of the all-time greats! It wouldn’t surprise me if she memorized some of her fans’ birthdays.

Mena Suvari of American Pie, American Beauty, Sugar & Spice, and one of my all time faves, Stuck, outright creates relationships with her fans. I wrote wondering if she was in the Mensa Society for geniuses – and wouldn’t you know it, she let me know about it.

Erika Christensen of Traffic, The Perfect Score, Flight plan, and of course Parenthood is about as good as they come. The awesome thing with Erika is that she sometimes brings the conversation to you! Yep! Log-on and login, and there’s Erika!

Marla Sokoloff, The Practice, Sugar & Spice, Party of Five, Desperate Housewives, is as real, funny, just huggable and so cool and understanding that a person could ever imagine.





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