Government, special interest groups, assisting illegals

We have no intention of denying that our article of yesterday, The Costs of Illegal’s and the Deficit, had specific implications that the 14 trillion-dollar accumulated debt with the individual state deficits as well as the federal governments irresponsible spending without accountability is in fact wrong; therefore, we feel if we were to look at some of the places where this irresponsible spending is actually going, then with open eyes we may be able to correct our nation’s economic woes much sooner than later.

Moreover, the article was written as a parody pursuant to how stupid can anyone be? Knowing that we have in excess of 13 million illegal aliens living within our borders who are contributing to the problem with excess burdens placed on entitlements owed to us by our government, we thought it may be a good idea to show – over a period of time – that if the United States would simply do what it was founded to do, we would be able to provide a level playing field for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Then came this news as reported by the New York Daily News: A Manhattan group is helping illegal immigrants recoup unclaimed state tax refunds – even if they used fake Social Security numbers to work.

One Bodega worker from Jackson Heights had been paying taxes since 2002 but never got a refund – until the group helped him get back $670 from his 2008 return.

The Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project got back thousands for a dozen undocumented New Yorker’s who overpaid. “It really helped – we have two young kids,” said his wife, who says they pay taxes because “it’s the right thing to do.”

Thousands more could be due a windfall from the Department of Taxation and Finance. “We’ve been getting calls from people who say they’ve been filing taxes for more than 10 years, and they’ve never gotten a refund,” said Deyanira Del Rio, the advocacy group’s associate director.

Since 1996, a growing number of undocumented immigrants have filed taxes using a special ID number, without alerting immigration officials.

They usually get federal refunds, but state paybacks can be held up because the tax department flags documents that have mismatched ID information. The state demanded documents from immigrants who filed without W-2s or with fake Social Security numbers, Del Rio said.
The tax department said it is working with Del Rio’s group to identify taxpayers who are owed money and process their refunds, but added that most of the refunds requested by immigrants are automatically approved.

Issues and other commentary: This is abhorrent! Please don’t misunderstand what we feel or allege here; The Unofficial Oversight Committee is trying to alert, bring attention to, and educate some people who may want to stay in office for more than two, four, or six years. We understand that one doesn’t always receive a refund at tax time – it is the excess that is refunded. But, how are we solving anything by giving special ID numbers to those who don’t have documentation or SSAN cards? In short, isn’t this simply counter-productive to getting our nation back on the correct economic course?


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