DREAM Act, Mosque at Ground Zero, TSA

We are presenting this writing with the understanding that it most likely will be read on Thanksgiving Day or even later. Different from last year’s message and subsequently the prior three years before last year our message is different insofar as with as much as our civil rights, natural rights, and experiencing what is happening to our America, it is difficult to smile while granting a pardon to a huge white turkey in the way our nation’s president, Barack Obama did with his two lovely daughters.

Of the first part: We are exceedingly disturbed at why any ethical human being would – during a lame duck session of Congress – go on and try to get the obscene nature of the DREAM Act passed regardless of the best interest of our nation. The bill is an unfinished piece of excrement that has more issues and definitely potential problems than the Obamacare bill did. And just today experts were discussing how Obama and his party associates are already concerned with the increase in costs. The DREAM Act is nothing more than granting people U.S. citizenship in advance – it’s Shamnesty.


We are also struggling with this entire Park 51 façade with this ostensible mosque – carrying all the religiosity of Islam – and the poor decision-making to have it built just two blocks away from Ground Zero. One would think this type of decision-making is reckless with complete lack of regard for those who have suffered so much – and if you have a problem with this shenaniganistic planning aforethought, please realize that now Park 51 has far less interest in the religious aspects of Islam. Predicated upon an Executive Order signed by Obama, allowing for communities to request funding from taxpayer dollars to build the now reemphasized community center; consequently, the timing of this entire unadulterated bull squat appears as though it’s been calculated down to the day.


As a final point the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) and the complete lack of respect for those heinous assaults on those traveling this Thanksgiving holiday. First a personal observation: People understand this idea – we are currently in battle with a corrupt government that will stop at nothing to smash your individual rights; therefore, we must do something about it. November 2nd Election Day was a great start; however, we are getting ready to witness who has the conjones and who doesn’t. What we are having difficulty with is that it has been approximately one year since the announcement that the United States had purchased these “advanced screening” devices. So why are you waiting until two—three days or even a week to come undone about what is going on at the behest of TSA? This is not new news!

However what degree of searching, scanning, rousting, or frisking someone is beyond the integrity of the very mission they’re employed to do. Now far be it from us, where is the Justice Department on this violation of human rights? We’ve read about the imminent ideals of special interest groups and their hopes of having Muslim women not searched because of their dignity. Therefore, are we to assume that Americans – who are supposed to be protected by the Constitution – remain quiet, whilst giving up their rights to privacy, their rights to be left alone, in fact completely disregarding their civil liberties?

Ladies and gentlemen we have always celebrated this day – Thanksgiving Day – for everything we can possibly be thankful for; however, is seems as though someone or some government are trying to take those wonderfully thankful things away from us.

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