Snipes and the Diversity of crime in the USA

Make no mistake about it folks, when our time comes to start explaining the legal – judicial system to our children, they’re going to be more confused perhaps than any other notion we try and explain to them. Embarrassing one says – abhorrent states another; yes all things being equal there is a huge divide that exist in America over none other than money.

World famous actor, Wesley Snipes, is now in a federal prison to start serving a three-year sentence for tax fraud. While we firmly believe people should respect the law, pay their taxes, and expect consequences if they don’t, that doesn’t mean Wesley Snipes isn’t still badass awesome and most certainly no menace to anything other than an already bloated federal government that just can’t get enough of what doesn’t belong to them.

However, that doesn’t imply that we’re not curious as to why Charlie Rangel’s not only free as a bird but still a sitting Congressman. Moreover, there are several income tax evaders alive and well living the lives that only Royalty knows, and still those tax evaders that are appointed to Cabinet positions or are somehow waived through the vetting process.

Seriously now, at a time when the nation needs a reliable, respected voice on financial issues at the Treasury Department, Timothy Geitner as an admitted tax cheat the best we can do? In fact, if anyone would like to see the Who’s Who of the most corrupt Members of Congress the Business Insider has a comprehensive list as does Judicial Watch.

As we see it the HUGE divide comes in almost all forms but primarily in gender, income range, government position, and the have’s from the have not’s. To this end we are still outraged by the way Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were treated before, during, and after their brush with the law. Not only was L.A.P.D. frightfully embarrassed when Ms. Lohan cleared her pockets only to reveal a packet of cocaine that missed the previous body search done by a female officer.

Then when time comes to appear in court – literally to face one’s crimes – anyone seen Li’lo? Nah! She’s on a film in France; nope she’s in London. This is seriously evasion people! We are sure that one day one of these “Glamour Hero’s gone bad” is going to be carrying something nobody will search and it’s going to blow-up…but where? Face it everyone “worries” about Britany’s, Paris’, and Lindsay’s metal state of affairs.

The best criminal protection know to humankind is a position in the United States Congress. First you are untouchable; second you’re bulletproof; third they run their own Ethics Committee.

With that in mind, we wish Mr. Snipes a safe and speedy paying of his debt to society and assure him that we — his loyal fan base — will be here when he returns.



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