Muslim religion and U.S. Constitution

Understanding – right or wrong – the continued devotion to Islamic Outreach by the Department of Justice (DOJ), with Attorney General Eric Holder at the crow’s nest, or the directives to continue as issued by the Obama Administration at the helm; we encourage you to read our article of December 15th Islamic Outreach, or political-psycho-babble pursuant to the given behaviors of these two “babbler’s.”

Having said that we would like to address yesterdays (last night actually) article, to wit: Ms. Khan the middle school teacher who is now suing the Berkeley School District 87 for what she and the DOJ allege that Khan’s 1st Amendment rights have been violated and as such she has been discriminated against.

Quick sidebar: As we think of the continued coverage we’ve dedicated ourselves too vis-a-vie Elaine and Jon Huguenin with the exact opposite that happened to them, imagine our outrage as we see this case develop. Can we say in all earnest that, the government’s prosecution of Berkeley School District for not allowing for reasonable accommodations for religious activities?

We believe the answer is no. Furthermore, has Ms. Khan’s behavior, and demands she’s making show her abuse of the process. The Hajj she feels compelled to observe happens every year – has she ever demonstrated her efforts to attend? No again. Although the Teachers Union did not allow for reasonable accommodation has anyone ever considered what a “reasonable accommodation” is?

Is Berkeley School District telling Ms. Khan that she can’t attend the Hajj? We don’t believe that a school district would knowingly submit the idea, “it’s either your religion or your job.” The pilgrimage that Muslims observe or simply “The Hajj” is an elective religious event that lasts for three weeks to a month, with the majority of the celebration occurring during a five day period that normally is either in November or December.

Make no mistake about this issue folks: This issue is not about the abridgement of anyone’s 1st Amendment rights, nor is it remotely close to discrimination: this case is very much about “entitlements that are wanted.”

These are some independent comments – see what the reader’s are saying –

(Elle, IL.) I’m a nurse, and I’m Catholic. I’m forced to work on weekends where I miss mass. Maybe I should sue my employer for not making reasonable accommodations. Where is the assimilation to this country? Go on your vacations over the summer…3 weeks of unpaid leave is NOT reasonable.

 (Patrick, IL.) This is awful. How can anyone reasonably expect an employer to give them three weeks of (additional) vacation, after they’ve been on the job for one year? If this trip was SO important why didn’t she go in 2006, before she accepted employment? Please, Berkeley School District 87, fight this lawsuit!

(Kevin, IL) Most people in any line of work can’t take 1 week off without pay, unless they are suspended. That is what your vacation time is for. What planet is this guy from, and what universe is the government from? Does this mean that everyone of Jewish or Christian background can take every Saturday and Sunday off, plus all the saints and holy days from every Quickie-Mart, gas station, restaurant and liquor store too?

(Nancy Hansen, IL) Has all reason gone out the window? Why are we leaning over backwards for Muslims, whose practices are contrary to our culture, while we diss Christians, the religion on which our nation was founded? We came about from pilgrims seeking religious freedom. Do we have it? NO. Three weeks out of the school year is unreasonable and if it was so important to her, it should have been in her contract. Christians are told to work on Easter and Christmas or LOOSE YOUR JOB. One day against three weeks. Fairness is apparently in the eye of the beholder.

(Good Luck, Chicago) This is not discrimination. The Hajj is a religious duty for Muslims that can be fulfilled at any point in a Muslim’s life. It is not a yearly requirement. This woman could have fulfilled her duty before she became a teacher or she could do it after she leaves teaching.
Secondly, it’s very nice to see that our federal gov’t is pursuing this case when they can’t be bothered to prosecute actual cases of terrorism or voter intimidation.

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