Why do Illegal’s believe they’re entitled to citizenship..?

Accepted at UC Berkeley, student and her family now face deportation to Peru

We hope that you remember our earlier writing regarding how Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA used her political power to halt the deportation of an illegal immigrant from Peru who benefits from taxpayer-financed discounted tuition at San Francisco Community College. In this case the veteran senator took it a step further by actually introducing legislation to permanently shield the 20-year-old illegal alien (Steve Li) from removal. (See story by clicking here.)

In a different situation we again are force-fed the realities of what not taking care of appropriate measures may in fact come back to haunt a person. This article from Matt O’Brien from the Contra Costa Times:

“Advocates planned to hold a rally today for Lowell High School graduate Elizabeth Lee, her 16-year-old brother Felix and their mother, all of whom are set to be deported on Jan. 19 unless the government grants them a temporary reprieve, their lawyer said.

The family came to the United States on tourist visas in 2001 and overstayed those visas. Immigration authorities arrested them over the summer after they lost a claim for political asylum. Lee had been accepted to Berkeley for the fall semester and planned to attend, but her arrest caused her to decline enrollment as her family tried to resolve their legal problems. She has been studying closer to home at City College of San Francisco.”

Since 2001 this family has been living in this country illegally. At first attempt after being caught was to apply for political asylum from Peru – we all need to ‘thank’ Barack Obama for his fast and loose antics and his politically asylum Aunt. What a standard and look how people are behaving! All of this had been going on as Elizabeth Lee applied to University of California at Berkeley.

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